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Expansion of Ar Rukun Mosque to accommodate our vibrant and thriving community.

The Prophet ﷺ said on the authority of Usthman Ibn Affan (may Allah be pleased with him)

 مَنْ بَنَى مَسْجِدًا لِلَّهِ بَنَى اللَّهُ لَهُ فِي الْجَنَّةِ مِثْلَهُ

Whoever builds a mosque for Allah, Allah will build a house like it for him in Paradise.

Muttafaqun Alayhi (Al Bukhari 450 , Muslim 533)


In 1994, as waves of migrant Muslims began to settle in the area (50km south of Perth), a seed of faith was planted. With unwavering dedication and tireless effort, the Ar Rukun Mosque emerged from the heart of the community in 1998, standing tall as one of Perth's pioneering mosques nestled in the Western Australian landscape.


As time flowed, the vibrant tapestry of Perth's southern demography, particularly in the Rockingham suburbs including areas from Success to Lakelands, began to evolve. The influx of Muslim families choosing to call Perth's southern regions home grow rapidly. With this growth, the demand for the mosque's facilities surged beyond precedent. In response, the stewardship of the mosque, across successive committees, embraced adaptability, fostering continual improvements and enhancements. Yet, as migrant policies welcomed more into our folds, the imperative to embark on an ambitious expansion project became undeniable.



Presently, the mosque pulsates with the rhythm of transformation, undergoing a monumental upgrade. The prayer hall, the sanctum of spiritual solace, is being extended to graciously embrace the swelling congregation. Simultaneously, ancillary facilities undergo refinement, each stroke of progress a testament to our collective commitment.



Beyond the anchor rituals of Jumaah and Eid, our mosque pulsates with a vibrant tapestry of community engagement. An established Madrasah, a beacon of knowledge, extends its embrace as an after-school haven. A circle for converts offers solace and camaraderie in the embrace of a new faith. Weekly classes nurture minds and souls alike. Our Jenazah facilities tenderly cradle those who have departed, offering solace to grieving hearts. The sacred month of Ramadan heralds a banquet of community spirit, where we break bread together in the warmth of iftar, serving over 40-120 souls daily. Moreover, a cadre of devoted brothers and sisters orchestrate social gatherings and private Islamic classes during the weekends.



In the ebb and flow of congregational life, there are moments where our hearts overflow, and our numbers exceed the confines of space. We expand, not merely for the present, but with an eye on the generations that tread the path after us. With careful planning and foresight, this expansion will lay the foundation for future growth and development. The infrastructure will be designed to support additional levels, ensuring that we can continue to expand upwards without compromising the integrity of our sacred space.



The proposal encompasses several key elements aimed at creating a profound spiritual and communal space. At its heart stands the iconic Islamic dome, serving as the centerpiece that not only provides architectural identity but also symbolizes the unity and transcendence in Islamic teachings. Complementing this, a distinctive landmark tower rises, making a build statement of faith and community presence, while guiding the faithful to the sacred space. 


In this story of growth, resilience, and faith, the heartbeat of Ar Rukun Mosque resonates with the collective pulse of its community, a testament to the enduring spirit of unity and devotion that defines us. And as we reach out, we do so not only in search of bricks and mortar but in the eternal quest to nurture souls young and old, illuminate hearts, and build our eternal abode. The impact of your generous donations will extend far beyond the present moment, reaching and benefiting countless generations to come. By contributing to our mosque expansion project, you are sowing the seeds of a legacy that will continue to bear fruit for years, decades, and centuries ahead.

We request your generosity and may Allah in turn be generous with you, Ameen.

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