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Let us build a new Muslim graveyard in Japan!

[Important Notice as of Mar 01, 2024] 

We need to find a new location for this graveyard project because the piece of land described below became unavailable by the land owner due to a protest and an anti-Islamic petition signed by more than 100 local non-Muslim city council members. It happened just while paying the 1st installment so we did not lose any money Alhamdulillah. We shall continue this campaign and started looking for a new land InshaAllah. Please stay with us to raise the flag and spread the peace of Islam in Japan.

[Fundraising activities for a new Muslim burial cemetery in Japan]

Bismillah, this is a new proposal from Hajj Sugimoto from Japan. Currently, about 230,000 Muslims live in Japan. But the cemetery where Muslims can bury in entire Japan only 2,000 bodies is currently available. 99% of funerals in Japan are cremated. Many foreign-born Muslims are transported to their home countries when they die. That will cost a lot of money. The sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him encourages dead person to be buried in the land or country where he/she died. However, there are very limited places for Muslim graveyard in Japan. Muslims here can buy land easily, but it is so hard to have permission from the local government or local residents or neighbors. But we finally got the permission. We recently found a Muslim cemetery in Sakuragawa City, Ibaraki Prefecture that allows burial method in Japan. Buddhist temple succeeded in obtaining burial permission from Sakuragawa City over five years. They also obtained a written agreement from the neighbors. Chiba Islamic Cultural Center obtained Exclusive Rights of Permanent Use of the Land from the temple to bury the bodies. Alhamdulillah. It has an area of 3,000 square meters and can bury about 800 to 1,000 bodies. The place will be the largest Muslim cemetery in Kanto region (Tokyo and its suburbs) of Japan. The total land price including renovation cost is 150 million yen. The temple gave us a 10 year payment period.  We need to pay 55 million yen by the end of December 2024 for the first period. Your cooperation in this matter is very much appreciated. 

Collaboration with Indonesian Muslim organization in Japan
Donation Campaign at Oyama Masjid, Tochigi
Donation campaign at Hatoyama Masjid, Saitama

Brothers and Sisters

Let's embrace Allah Subhanahu Wataala invitation to piety by following His commands and avoiding what He forbids. Besides, let's quickly seek Allah's forgiveness and strive for His paradise, reserved for the devout.

Allah Subhanahu Wataala outlines several traits of a devout individual in Surah Ali Imran, verse 134

Meaning: Those who give away their wealth in both easy and hard times, and those who control their anger and forgive others. Allah appreciates those who act kindly.

The life of a devout person is full of generosity. When they are happy, healthy, and well-off, they remember to give to those in need. Even in times of trouble, illness, or scarcity, they continue to donate. Charity isn't just about giving money or large contributions; it also includes simple acts like smiling, promoting good and preventing harm, avoiding wrongdoing, speaking kindly, and even clearing obstacles like stones or thorns from paths. Offering even a small piece of dates, as mentioned by the Prophet, is considered giving. Every act of kindness is seen as charity.

Brothers and Sisters

Charity is a way of worship that holds immense spiritual significance and is favored by Allah. It also carries substantial human value, offering relief and enhancing the well-being of others. Giving to charity is so valued that the Quran mentions a person on the brink of death wishing for just a bit more time to give charity, recognizing its profound worth in Allah's eyes. This reflects Surah Al-Munafiqun verse 10, emphasizing charity's pivotal role in expressing faith and compassion.

Meaning: Give away some of what We have provided you before death approaches one of you. Then, that person might say, 'O Allah, if You could delay my death for a short while, I would give to charity and be one of the righteous.

Sadaqah can have lasting benefits. When the donated property continues to benefit others, the donor receives ongoing rewards. This concept, known as sadaqah jariyah, ensures that the donor's good deeds keep generating rewards even after their death. This aligns with Prophet Muhammad's Sallahu Alaihi Wasalam, as reported in Sahih Muslim, 

Meaning: When someone passes away, their actions come to an end except for three enduring things: charitable deeds that continue to benefit others, knowledge that remains useful, or a devoted child who offers prayers for them.

This happens when donated assets are managed responsibly, meaning: the core value is preserved (they're not sold, given away, or passed on through inheritance), and any income or benefits they generate are shared out. The people in charge look after these assets, make sure they're doing well, and maybe even make them more productive, so they keep on giving benefits or making money. These gains are then given to those who should get them, following the donor's (Wakif's) wishes. The good that comes from these waqf assets can take many shapes, like supporting religious practices, health care, education, helping the poor, boosting economic growth, maintaining cemeteries, and more. This kind of giving is known as WAQF, and it's a way to keep on giving, known as SADAQAH JARIYAH.

Brothers and Sisters

Sadaqah Jariyah isn't just for the wealthy; anyone can contribute whatever they can afford. The process is straightforward and can now be easily done online, broadening the opportunity for more people to engage in waqf (endowment). This situation opens for a growing number of individuals to participate in charitable acts.

We have a chance Sadaqah Jariyah to contribute to the Japan Muslim Cemetery Project. Now Japan has more than 250,000 Muslims but has only 11 Muslim cemeteries, that accommodate fewer than 2,000 bodies. More cemeteries are urgently needed. The Chiba Islamic Cultural Center, with permanent rights and joint management by Japanese Muslim communities. This cemetery is 90 minutes from central Tokyo. Spanning 3,000 m² with room for 800-1,000 graves, it needs a total of ¥150,000,000. As of February 7, only ¥2,000,000, or 4%, was raised. Donations or grave reservations are ¥190,000 per person. For more information, please check the box located behind.

If every Muslim truly understands waqf, realizes how simple it is to participate, and knows the great benefits and rewards it brings, I believe the waqf movement will achieve its desired outcomes.

Brothers and Sisters

Let us invite all to use our remaining time wisely by increasing our charitable acts, particularly through endowments like the Japan Muslim Cemetery Project. This not only offers significant humanitarian benefits but also brings remarkable virtues according to Al Quran and the hadiths :

- Giving to charity rewards you from Allah, freeing you from worry or sadness (Al-Baqarah, 262).

- Allah increases the rewards of giving to charity by up to 700 times (Al Baqarah, 261).

- Giving to charity can erase some of your mistakes (Al-Baqarah, 271).

- Your wealth won't decrease by giving to charity (Hadith by At-Tirmidhi and Ahmad).

- The benefits of your charity go on even after you pass away (Hadith by Muslims).

- It protects against difficulties (Hadith by Baihaqi and Thabrani).

- It helps avoid hellfire (Hadith by Ahmad, Bukhari, Muslim).

- It provides shade for you on Judgment Day (Hadith by Thabrani).

- It may increase your lifespan and prevent an unhappy end (Hadith by Thabrani).

- You'll receive help from Allah (Hadith by Muslims).

Driven by his desire for complete righteousness, Abu Talhah, a companion of the Prophet, freely donated his cherished garden. This act was inspired by the teachings of QS Ali Imran 92, emphasizing the essence of true virtue through the selfless act of giving something dearly loved. You will only achieve true goodness when you give away some of the wealth you hold. And remember, Allah is fully aware of everything you spend. May Allah SWT accept all our good deeds and our charity.


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Hajj Kyoichiro Sugimoto4 months ago

Please help the get 50% matching donation

Dear Donors

Assalamualaikum WR WB

We got a special boost offer from Launchgood. If we can fundraise upto USD $40K within this 23rd Mar (Sat), they will add $20K with it. This is a huge support for us, so could you please extend your heart once again?

May Allah bless you.

Thank you.

Hajj Kyoichiro Sugimoto4 months ago

We need to find a new location for the graveyard


Dear Donors


Gratefully thank you for supporting us continuously.

With a heavy heart we would like to inform you that (on Mar 01, 2024) the land which was agreed for this project and we were ready to pay the first installment on Feb-29, suddenly became unavailable by the land owner due to an anti-Islamic protest as well as a petition from the surrounding local non-muslim peoples against this muslim graveyard project. We are trying to collect the copy of petition and share you as soon as we get it.

But We Are Not Worried and we shall continue our effort to find another land ASAP. We shall not stop and continue our campaign to raise necessary fund. InshaAllah we will be successful despite all the hardships with your doa and support.

Please keep us in your prayers and please continue your support.

May Allah reward you with the best.

Thank you.

Japan Muslim Graveyard Team

Hajj Kyoichiro Sugimoto4 months ago

Please schedule your Ramadan giving


Dear Brothers and Sisters


The Ramadan has started knocking our doors and just couple of nights away. May Allah allow all of us to have it. Hope everyone is getting prepared well.

Along with other preparations, please schedule your daily giving of at least USD $3 per day to get uncountable blessings from Allah remembering that this Sadakah may protect you from the fire of Hell.

Please use our URL above to make the schedule so that we can also have a great bonus of USD $100 in your name from Launchgood which will help us a lot! 

Please schedule as soon as you can before Mar-10.

Looking forward for your kind support. May Allah reward you with the best.

Thank you.

​Japan Muslim Graveyard Team

Hajj Kyoichiro Sugimoto4 months ago

We are facing an issue with our land


Dear Donors


We are facing an issue with our land. We shall update you the status as soon as we get the details InshaAllah.

Thank you.

Japan Muslim Graveyard Team

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