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Advancing Muslim Philanthropy for Today and Future Generations



Founded in 2016, the American Muslim Fund (AMuslimFund) is the first grassroots, a national community foundation in the United States focused on creating Donor Advised Funds, distributing grants, and building endowments for the Muslim community.

2017 Goals

Since July 2017, the American Muslim Fund (AMuslimFund) has distributed more than $200,000 to over 65 organizations with the help of 18 families from across the country. Last Ramadan, we raised funds to purchase and implement a client relationship management tool, create marketing videos, redesign our website, and hire consultants to implement our mission. Thankfully, by the Grace of God, we can proudly say we did just that!

2018 Goals

Our goal over the next year is to work with more families and businesses to open Donor Advised Funds across the United States, establish a zakat policy, implement our investment strategy, create a donor portal and resource center, expand our Board of Directors, and launch a mini-grant cycle. 


Operations Revenue Target By Year:

  • 2018: $150,000
  • 2019: $200,000
  • 2020: $250,000

Endowment Revenue Target

  • $5,000,000 by December 2020


This year, give in one of the following categories:
  • Operations (Give to AMuslimFund so we can produce results now)
  • Endowment (Donate to AMuslimFund so we can generate results tomorrow)
  • Strategic Initiatives (Support AMuslimFund so we can pass it on to deserving nonprofits later in 2018)

Please see below for more information.

Ways to GIVE

Support the team and help them accomplish their goals by investing in infrastructure. We have an estimated annual budget of $150,000 for the next three years. These funds will help us market our work across the country and build relationships with families and nonprofits, establish giving circles, and continue to showcase the generosity of Muslims to build a more positive image of Islam in the world.

A goal to raise $5 million by the end of 2020 will allow us to invest funds and produce income to support our operations and strategic initiatives for generations to come.

For 2018-2020, as we build our endowment, AMuslimFund will observe a mini-grant cycle in which nonprofit organizations apply in one of the following strategic initiatives:

50 Mosques
Mosques are the cornerstones of our community, and it is important to ensure they are actively engaging their youth, providing spiritual and communal connections for families, as well as providing women equal access to leadership, space, and resources. The American Muslim Fund intends to eventually support one mosque in each state.
Children of Abraham
We are all daughters and sons of Adam and Eve. Our lives are connected to the cosmos and through promoting tolerance and understanding, we can move our communities forward. Interfaith and Intra-faith dialogue and collaboration will help break down barriers of resistance and help subdue generational tones of racism.
Civic Eloquence
Community organizing and grassroots movements help mobilize people for the better. To make a difference, we need to increase our engagement in politics, media, and civil rights. If we do not stand up for the minorities whose rights are suppressed, we lose sight of what it means to be American. There are many deficiencies within our social structure, and this fund restores that balance to help bring an end to poverty, homelessness, and inequality. To save a life is to save all of humanity. Basic needs, education, and social services are vital to breaking the cycle of poverty. We must promote our foster care system, and empower the disadvantaged to succeed.
Muslim Artistry
By supporting creativity in all mediums, we can share the beauty of Islamic influence in the arts. There is a rich history of Islamic art and culture, that cultivates beautiful design and techniques for the literary, performance (musical and theatrical), visual, and vocal arts.
The prison industrial complex is a never-ending cycle of misguided rehabilitative services. The U.S. has the highest incarceration rate and over  9% of the prison population is made up of Muslims (as of 2011).  We support initiatives that provide resources for Muslim sisters and brothers to better understand and practice their faith while they are in prison, and practical support such as food, employment opportunities, or housing post-release in order to reduce the rates of recidivism.
New Muslim
It is often hard to navigate through a religion, learn it, commit to it, and find inner peace. It is hard to find relevant, insightful, and easy to understand information on Islam. We fund projects that are committed to caring for new Muslims, providing them with the resources to maintain their religious identity.

Seek Knowledge
Our tradition teaches us to seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave. We want to empower and enhance educational structures to support their administration, students, and programming. Not only will this apply to schools serving kindergarten through college, it will also support nonprofits that provide continuing education and professional development.

Any gift $100 or more will receive artwork by Gabril Garay (may vary in color, but will be one of these prints).

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Leading sacredsustainable & strategic Muslim philanthropy for today & future generations.


American Muslim Fund cultivates a thriving philanthropic ecosystem to advance charitable causes by evolving donor giving and diversifying funding pathways for community organizations.

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Muhi Khwaja5 years ago

Our new campaign: American Muslim Fund

Salam alaykum,

As a previous supporter to one of our campaigns, we're reaching out to let you know about our current campaign:

Please visit and support our work again so we can continue to be of service to the community. In the last two years alone, we have given more than $800,000 to over 100 nonprofit organizations. We're showcasing the impact that our collective philanthropy can have.

When you support AMF, you're helping the entire Muslim community grow. AMF is leading sacred, sustainable & strategic Muslim philanthropy for today and future generations.


Muhi Khwaja6 years ago


Thank you for your generosity! You made it all possible! We look forward to honoring your support and accomplishing our goals with your help.

Muhi Khwaja6 years ago

Almost there.

Salam fam, hope all is well. 

Thanks to each and everyone of you who have donated! We are in the final stretch for American Muslim Fund’s campaign, we have just over $8,000 more to raise and then a generous family is contributing $5,000 if we hit our $50,000 goal. Remember, this is an “all or nothing” campaign so we need to hit our goal in order to receive your support. 

I’m asking each of you to please share our donation link and a brief message of encouragement endorsing us on your social media.

I would love to see 80 more donations of $10+/month or $100+ come in but I need support from you to share it. 

Donations can be made online at


-Muhi Khwaja

Muhi Khwaja6 years ago

A Bonus $5,000!

Salam everyone, this has been an exciting campaign. From our $15,000 match, to the hundreds of donors, you have helped us reach over $38,000 so far! If we hit our $50,000, a generous family will donate an additional $5,000. Can you help us rake in $12,000 in the next week? Be our champion, make this come true, share our campaign!

Muhi Khwaja6 years ago

Getting closer!

Wow! With your great support we received our $15,000 match and are catching some steam towards our $50,000 goal. Keep pushing, sharing, giving. Love you all so much!

Muhi Khwaja6 years ago

Update 1

Peace be with you,

Following Up.

Here is a sneak peak of our new videos for you before we publish them on our social media! 
    • Here is a 2 minute video update on what we did in 2017 and hope to do in 2018:
    • We have also created a 3 minute video explaining Donor Advised Funds: 

Ramadan Giving:
With Ramadan in full swing, we hope you can consider donating to our 2018 campaign!

Do you think you can donate and encourage a friend to do the same? It will help us exceed our goal of $50,000 by June 15. Our goal by December 31 is $175,000.

You can donate on LaunchGoodgive monthly on our website, or via PayPal ( You can also drop a check to American Muslim Fund at PO Box 1533 Fremont, CA 94538.

Thank you.

In Peace + Power,

Muhi Khwaja, Co-Founder
Cell: 734-578-6088
Work: 844-4-AMFUND

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