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Why fundraise on LaunchGood during Ramadan?

The world’s largest crowdfunding platform for Muslims
With almost $200 million raised globally.

We’re giving away $2 million in prizes
Every day of Ramadan there are many ways to win cash for your campaign.

Reach almost 1 million donors
More traction, more donors, more raised.

Grow your impact

Make this your best Ramadan yet!

Donor insights so you can optimize
Track donations to help strategically increase your campaign’s success.

24/7 support available
With over 7 years of experience, we can help you exceed your fundraising goals.

Get Zakat verified by an expert
Our donors gave $8 million last year to Zakat campaigns. Start yours with us this year.

A look back

Ramadan 2020 on LaunchGood

There is no better place for fundraising in Ramadan than LaunchGood.









This year, we’ll reach almost 1 million Muslims donating to campaigns on LaunchGood.

A look back

Win big with daily competitions

Top either leaderboard and you could win up to $30k in prizes!

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3 steps to win prizes for your campaign

Start a campaign

All campaigns that are active during Ramadan are eligible. Don’t have a campaign? Start a campaign now →

Rally your crowd!

Let your community know about your campaign. The more active you are, the higher your chances of winning cash prizes!

Top the leaderboards

Each day of Ramadan, you’ll get a new chance to reach the top of the leaderboards, and win big cash prizes for your campaign.

Trusted by campaign creators like you.

Through LaunchGood, I've been able to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars to provide much-needed assistance to the people, institutions, and causes that I most care about. As a community servant, I am always looking for ways to give back to my community. With additions like their new Insights Tab, I can now see who is donating and who is helping to share all of the campaigns that I am a part of.❞

Imam Khalid Latif

Islamic Center of New York University

LaunchGood has showed us that we can successfully raise funds when we plan it well and choose the best time to fundraise. For instance, we first used LaunchGood service in Ramadan 2020 and it has helped us tremendously in achieving our campaign goal to help those in dire need. In fact, mentoring from the LaunchGood team has facilitated us to gain support and expand our donor audience.❞

Bangun Bersama


LaunchGood manages to take everything that is wonderful about Ramadan and transform it into a wholesome online experience that saves lives, realises dreams, and affects change in the real world. Because of their reach and support, we were able to publish our first book and create our first plush toy, and turn Jolly Animals from a dream to reality.❞

Kais Al Kaissi

Jolly Animals

Frequently Asked Questions

We’re here to help

What are your fees?
We have zero platform fees and credit card processing fees of 2.9% plus 30 cents.
What is a Leaderboard?
Leaderboards are daily rankings in two categories-most raised and most donors- that allow you to win prizes daily.
How do I win daily prizes?
There are two ways to win. Ramadan Referrals and Daily Leaderboard Contest. Learn more here.
Why should I raise funds on LaunchGood this Ramadan?
We have donors in Ramadan that are especially generous and are looking to support multiple projects. In addition, our daily prizes and extra boosts will allow you to smash your fundraising goals!
Can I get help with my campaign?
You can ask us for support through our chat bubble, send us an email on help@launchgood.com. During Ramadan, you can talk to our customer success team on launchgood.com/alwayson
Can I win more than once on the Daily Contest Leaderboard?
Yes! You can win multiple days up to $30K.
How does a Zakat-verified campaign differ from other campaigns? How do I get Zakat-verified?
Once you submit your campaign and mark it as Zakat eligible. Our Zakat-verification team will review it and get in touch if they have any questions. Please email zakat@launchgood.com if you have any questions.

If you have more questions, contact help@launchgood.com

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