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    I Want to Support Sajdah

    Your $15 keeps the Sajdah Mobile app ad-free and supports development! With your support, the app will remain 100% free and reach many Muslims. InshaAllah you will be rewarded every time a Muslim uses our app to learn how to pray. We’ll add your name to our list of early adopters, or you can stay anonymous.

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    Collect Ongoing Rewards of Sadaqah Jariyah

    Your donation will be used for donating Sajdah rugs to Islamic Centers or Mosques in underdeveloped countries and communities. Just imagine how many new Muslims will pray happily and properly thanks to you. May Allah (SWT) bless you and reward you immensely for making prayer easier and more accessible to Muslims who need help!

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    Collect Ongoing Rewards of Sadaqah Jariyah 2X

    Good deeds are multiplied during the Holy Month of Ramadan so take this opportunity to contribute to the purchase of Sajdah rugs that will be donated to an Islamic Center or Mosque for the benefits of our Ummah. InshaAllah thousands of Muslims will use these Sajdah to learn to pray and you will be immensely rewarded on the Day of Judgement.

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    SPECIAL Early Bird Discount (51% OFF) - SOLD OUT

    Get your Sajdah at half the price with this exclusive offer! First 50 orders only! This offer will never be available again. Includes free shipping to some locations. Details in FAQ below.

    Sold out!

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    Standard Early Bird Discount (45% OFF!)

    LIMITED OFFER! Get your Sajdah at an amazing deal! This offer is limited to 150 orders.

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    Standard Bird Discount (41% OFF!)

    LIMITED OFFER! Last chance to get a huge discount!

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    Donate 1 Sajdah for Muslims to an Islamic Center of Your Choice (41% OFF!)

    Donate 1 Sajdah for Muslims to an Islamic Center of Your Choice (41% OFF!)

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    Community Hero

    Become a true superhero by providing a whopping 10 Sajdah rugs to the Ummah! InshaAllah, you will have a significant impact on prayer education. May our Creator reward you immensely. We will send these 10 Sajdah rugs to Islamic Centers & Mosques of your choice, or we can choose on your behalf.

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