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Organized by Neelam Hussain

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  • £5

    Our heartfelt thanks

    Anything you give helps take us a step closer to making the project a reality. (You can edit the amount in the next step to make it more/less).

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  • £10

    I'm a supporter

    Help us to cover the setting up costs of the Museum of Islamic Arts & Heritage (MIAH) Foundation

    53 claimed

  • £18


    Help us to build a long-term fundraising campaign for the museum

    12 claimed

  • £25


    Donate towards buying the materials needed to deliver pop-up events to raise further funds and support for the museum.

    27 claimed

  • £50


    Contribute towards developing learning resources for schools whilst raising funds for the museum.

    21 claimed

  • £100


    Donate to support our activities and help us take our first major steps towards making the museum a reality.

    22 claimed

  • £250


    Contribute to the museum fund and put us in a position to start seeking matched arts funding - helping to double what you donate.

    5 claimed

  • £500


    Become a patron of our cause with your generous gift.

    4 claimed

  • £1,000


    Your benevolent gift will be gratefully received and support our progress greatly.

    2 claimed

  • £5,000

    Founding Fifty

    Donate £5000 to become one of our 'Founding Fifty' and you will have a permanent acknowledgement of your generous role in establishing the museum.

    0 of 50 claimed

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