Support Afghanistan Ramadan 2024 Appeal

Organized by Kama Relief

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  • $2

    Feed a Family for a Day

    You small donations goes a long way.

    47 claimed

  • $25

    2 weeks supply of food

    Provide 1/2 of a Ramadan Food Basket for a needy family.

    18 claimed

  • $25

    Iftar for 50 people

    Provide an iftar meal of rice, meat and potatoes for up to 10 families (50 people). Only 50 cents per meal.

    22 claimed

  • $50

    Ramadan Food Basket

    Provide a family with essentials to feed them during the blessed month of Ramadan.

    16 claimed

  • $100

    Iftar + Food Basket

    2 in 1: Provide 100 people with an iftar meal (20 families) AND provide one family with a Ramadan Food Basket.

    11 claimed

  • $250

    Iftar for 500 people

    Provide 100 families (500 people) with a nice iftar meal this Ramadan.

    8 claimed

  • $1,000

    Ramadan Food Basket for 20 families

    Provide 20 Families with essentials to feed them during this blessed month.

    1 claimed

  • $2,500

    Feel a Village this Ramadan

    Provide a nice iftar meal to about 1000 families (5000 people) and feed a whole village.

    1 claimed

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