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Our Values

Muslims are Incredible

We believe each campaign on LaunchGood is one chapter in the big global storybook of who Muslims are and what they're capable of.

We firmly believe that the global Muslim community is incredible. We believe it has enormous potential. We believe that as a community we have some amazing values that are inspired by our faith and that we have so much to contribute to the beautiful mosaic of the global society.

Too often we are constantly telling others who Muslims are not, that we rarely can tell them who are. We are proud of our heritage as pioneers, inventors, entrepreneurs and bearers of all things good. The Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم said, "The believer is like a life-bringing rain, wherever they are, they bring benefit." We believe in Muslims doing great work that benefits everyone, not just Muslims.

Prophetic Inclusiveness

LaunchGood is simply here to support Muslims doing great work. We're not interested in getting into polemical discussions, labels, sects, politics, etc.

From a team perspective, we respect differences in opinions and make sure campaign coaches are assigned to campaigns that align with their values.

From a campaign standpoint, that means we take great caution not to stifle campaign creator’s expression or creativity. We believe in creating a safe space for our community to create, develop, and grow.

Campaigns on the site do not represent LaunchGood or the Muslim community as a whole, they’re only one piece of the beautiful, nuanced, and intricate global Muslim community.

Everyone's VIP

From campaign creators, to supporters, to even just simple questions from inquiring users, we believe anyone we interact with is VIP.

We might handle hundreds of donations and campaigns a day, but for that supporter, that donation might be a percentage of their savings that month, and for a campaign creator that might be the one and only campaign he/she creates their whole life, putting all hopes, passion, and drive to make an idea actually happen.

It takes real empathy to believe everyone’s VIP, but we get to practice it everyday.

Emotional Ihsan/Excellence

This means taking ownership for your role and giving it your 120%. When you’re invested emotionally, your work bleeds passion and excellence.  

It means realizing that what you do will have a ripple effect and taking ownership on what kind of lasting impression you want to create.

Be the Giving Hand

Support your team members.

Offer to take the lead or spearhead a new initiative while realizing you have the whole team backing you. Take the load of your fellow team member’s back whether they have finals, a new baby on the way, or just investing in their growth by attending a training.

It Starts At Home

Everyone on our team needs to have been or currently involved in local efforts in their own community.

How can we build a strong ecosystem if we haven’t started the efforts in our own backyards? This also means making sure we’re are amazing family members, supportive siblings, spouses, daughters/sons, and in the service of our families.


It’s the number one predictable factor for success beyond what resources, skills, or luck anyone has.

 Grit is perseverance, passion, and determination to achieve long-term goals. Our journey is long and the road is laden with  constant challenges. We constantly rely on building strong mental tenacity through patience, and believe in replenishing those reserves with play and a daily self care.

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It's All About People

At LaunchGood, we believe people are at the core of everything - and we're always looking for the very best people to join our team!
It's a startup, it's risky, it's unpaid at the moment - heck we barely have time to put something up on the "Join the Team" page!

If we didn't scare you off yet, if you're interested in changing the world and living a meaningful life and joining us on this journey, there are a few ways to get involved:
  1. Fellowship - We've developed an incredibly cool, fun, challenging and rewarding fellowship for aspiring global leaders. Learn more below and apply today!
  2. Ambassadors - Ambassadors believe in LaunchGood and help promote us in their locality. It's a minimal-committment role for those with busy lives but who still want to help spread LaunchGood's mission.
  3. Open Positions - We believe people always come first, and we're always open to hiring (but extremely selective). Check out our open positions and if you believe you're a great match and interested please contact us!
A message from 2016 LaunchGood fellows to future fellows & admirers!

2017 Winter Fellowship

What: 3 Month Fellowship
Start date/Orientation: Feb. 10th - 13th, 2017
End Date (Tentative): May 5th - 7th, 2017

For Dreamers, Doers, Achievers.

LaunchGood is on the lookout for talented, hard-working, risk-taking Fellows who love supporting Muslims doing amazing work across the world.  These fellows will get to spend a week in the arguably coolest incubator in Detroit (the Green Garage) and spend their days learning about and supporting amazing Muslim creative from across the world! Fellows can apply from across the world and work remotely, requires 15-20 hours/week and lasts 3 months.

In addition to doing amazing work, you'll receive weekly training on how to be a stellar entrepreneur yourself! We have developed a unique, in-house curriculum to help you spread your wings and learn to fly to new heights.

New! Good design is in the details. This year we are building a design team here at LaunchGood. We are on the lookout for passionate graphic designers, UX, UI and front-end developers. Please send design inquiries and portfolios to and apply below. 


Coming soon!

Open Positions

There are both part- and full-time openings, both paid positions. Full-time positions require either moving to Detroit, Michigan or traveling here monthly. Additionally, for the C-level positions (CTO, CFO) we're expecting people who are ready to make the type of committment any serious startup takes: all of your mental & emotional energy. We're hustling to change the world, and while it's very rewarding it's certainly not easy!

Chief Technology Officer

Are you awesome with PHP, Java and making websites amazing? LaunchGood strives to be the best international crowdfunding platform that's easy-as-an-iPhone to use and robust enough to handle multiple languages, currencies, and technologies. You'll work with our current developers, designers and core team to make LaunchGood the envy of all other crowdfunding sites! Must be a team player, innovative, and wicked-fast.

Chief Financial Officer

Stickler for numbers? LaunchGood has a lot of them! We're looking for someone who loves overseeing financial health & growth of systems, is detailed enough to make sure mistakes aren't made yet big-vision enough to not lose sight of the forest. There are boundless opportunities for LaunchGood to develop its financial model, and our CFO is in charge of making sure we choose the right ones that are economically sustainable and aligned with our vision.

VP of Design

LaunchGood is blessed with one of the best designers in the business as our Chief Design Officer, Omar Hamid. As VP of Design you will work closely with Omar to make LaunchGood more than a website; LaunchGood should be an experience. Using LaunchGood should elicit joy, admiration & inspiration for its supporters. Design includes the front-end of making the platform look amazing, as well as the processes within the website, such as going through the donation experience. Sophisticated creativity is a great way to describe our design philosophy!

Campaign Coach

London, UK
This a remote part-time position (20 hours/week) focused on recruiting and supporting crowdfunding campaigns based in the UK and Europe. This person will play a direct role in helping support and grow the British & European Muslim ecosystem. Some crowdfunding experience is necessary. For more details or if interested contact us.

Campaign Coach

Toronto, Canada
This a remote part-time position (20 hours/week) focused on recruiting and supporting crowdfunding campaigns based in Canada. This person will play a direct role in helping support and grow the Canadian Muslim ecosystem. Some crowdfunding experience is necessary. For more details or if interested contact us.