Crowdfunding Strategy

Don't be fooled - so many people think all you need for a successful crowdfunding campaign is a compelling story and well-designed pitch, and the money will flow in once you hit "Go Live!".

Establish a team Identify influencers Keep this in Mind Marketing Packages

While the well-designed pitch is neccessary (read this guideline), it is not sufficient. In reality, you will only succeed if you plan for success.

Here's our recipe for a successful strategy. It starts before you ever launch, ideally 1-2 weeks before going live:

1. Establish a Team

Fact: Campaigns with teams raise twice as much compared to campaign creators without teams

The more team members a campaign has the more likely you are to hit your goal. Teams help expand your reach plus make the experience more fun, where you're working together but also competing with one another!

There are 3 minimal expectations for team members:

2. Identify Potential Supporters & Influencers

Fact: You are 50 times more likely to get support from somone you ask in-person or on the phone versus asking over Facebook & Twitter.

It’s often assumed that since crowdfunding is fundraising online all your outreach should be online. While you definitely need leverage Facebook, Twitter, etc. and it will lead to some support but mostly it will lead to awareness. Nothing beats an old-fashioned phone call or best-yet in-person meeting!

Here are some steps you should take to prepare your individual outreach:

3. Keep this in Mind

Fact: 80% of funds are raised in the first & last 3 days

To close, we want to share with you a few points that will help you know what to expect and how to approach your campaign:

4. Invest in Marketing Packages

Nothing beats organic traction. But if you have a successful campaign, investing in a marketing package can really boost your total funds raised. Once you’ve reached 20% of your goal, you are eligible for one of our marketing packages. These may include Facebook/Instagram ads, Homepage feature, Newsletter feature, and more! Typical packages return 4x the investment, with some as much as 10x. Find out more here.