Guideline to an Awesome
LaunchGood Campaign

Want to have an awesome and successful campaign on LaunchGood? We want you to as well!

Amount Type Duration Pitch Video Giving Levels

The following are the fundamental components of a crowdfunding campaign. If your team is interested in launching a campaign, don’t feel overwhelmed by the list. Need be, our team will coach you through all the components to set you up for the best chances of success.


Identify the amount of money that you need to raise. Be realistic of your network and what you can accomplish - it's not a question of how much LaunchGood can raise for you but how much you can raise on LaunchGood.

Perception is very important. If you set your goal at $20,000 and raise $10,000, you could look like a failure even though you raised a lot of money. However if your goal is $7,000 and you raise $10,000 you look like an incredible success! In both cases you raised the same amount, but the perception is very different.

Also don't forget to anticipate expenses. At a minimum you'll need to add ~3% to cover credit card fees. On top of that you may be giving out perks, for example shipping out t-shirts, that cost money to produce and mail. Do your best to estimate all of those expenses and add it to your goal. On average, we find campaigns should aim for 20% more than they need. So if you need $5,000, set your goal at $6,000.

Type of Fundraising

Next you want to identify what type of campaign you want to run, for which there are two options:

We know what you're thinking - why would anyone want to do All-or-Nothing? Sounds stressful, right?

Well, because it's stressful that's why. Campaigns that choose the All-or-Nothing route tend to be 8x more successful in reaching their goal because the stakes are so high it forces you and your supporters to work harder, which means more money.

Ultimately, you should choose what's best for your campaign type. For example, if you're raising money to feed the homeless do Partial Funding, because even if you only reach 50% of your goal you can still feed a lot of people. But if you're raising money to make a movie do All-or-Nothing Funding, because if you only get 50% there you aren't stuck with not having enough money but still having a responsibility to supporters.

Campaign Duration

Campaigns around 30 days tend to perform best, but what really matters is when you start and finish your campaign by. 80% of funds are received in the first and last 3 days, so you want to start and finish your campaign strategically.


"We relate to you, [O Muhammad], the best of stories in what We have revealed to you of this Qur'an although you were, before it, among the unaware." Surat Yusuf, Verse 3

The pitch is critical - it's your chance to tell everyone what you're doing and why it matters. A great pitch doesn't guarantee success but without it you're guaranteed failure.

There are 3 keys to a successful pitch:


Campaigns with videos tend to raise twice as much as campaigns without videos. Research shows that the most effective videos are under 1 minute, and the first 10 seconds are the most critical - they need to reel in the viewer!

What makes for an amazing crowdfunding video pitch?

Giving Levels

Giving levels provide options for supporters to choose from when contributing to your campaign. These can also take your campaign to the next level. There is no ‘ideal’ giving level; each campaign has something different to offer its supporters. Here are some points to consider: