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Social Impact Matching (SIM) Grant

Are you a social enterprise or a social innovator in Malaysia? Great news! LaunchGood is partnering with Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre (MaGIC) for Penjana’s 1:1 Social Impact Matching (SIM) Grant that is worth RM10 million!

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1. A 20% rebate on LaunchGood's total platform fee is exclusively for successful SIM Grant applicants. The 20% rebate on our 5% platform fee will only be applicable for the first RM1 million cumulatively raised on the platform and matched upon approval of SIM grant application.
2. Crowdfunding on LaunchGood does not mean a guaranteed approval for the SIM Grant. Applicants are still required to meet the SIM Grant's application criteria.

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We’ve put together an awesome list of resources & real support to help you transition your fundraising online - and smash your fundraising goals. All it takes is some hard work and dedication!

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LaunchGood isn’t the only platform out there to raise your funds, but we believe we are the best. Not only do our values align with yours, but we offer awesome features and support that make LaunchGood the most successful crowdfunding platform online!

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“Before using LaunchGood, our crowdfunding process is rather limited within the time frame that we have. Alhamdulillah, since our team started to use LaunchGood 2 years ago, we have seen how impactful LaunchGood is in our crowdfunding effort. LaunchGood has an extensive donor database around the world which is very helpful for our campaigns. Every campaign that we run on LaunchGood has received tremendous support and enabled us to help people from more than 30 countries who are in need.

We are thankful for the fundraising goals we have achieved by using LaunchGood and we hope to create more campaigns in the future. Thank you LaunchGood team!”

Mohamed Yamin Bin Ismail

Mohamad Yamin Bin Ismail
Global Ehsan Relief

“Perhaps the concept of crowdfunding is something that is not usually heard of for Malaysians previously. However, with LaunchGood entering the market in Malaysia, it has managed to bring crowdfunding closer to society. The giving culture to support social initiatives is nurtured through LaunchGood.

For us at Philandure, LaunchGood complements our other strategic initiatives. We are definitely choosing LaunchGood for to raise funds for our social initiatives. LaunchGood makes crowdfunding as easy as ABC!”

Khalid Al-Walid

Khalid Al-Walid