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The only platform to offer dedicated consultation, strategy and support.

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Scheduled Giving for Donors
Support a new worthy cause, every blessed day.

Ramadan Referrals Bonuses
Use your team link to earn a $50 boost per qualified onboard for Scheduled Giving.

Daily Leaderboard Contests
Win up to $5K every day by having the Most Supporters or Most Raised to your campaign. Prizes are DOUBLED on Arafah Day!

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The launchgood difference

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Dhul Hijjah 2022 on LaunchGood

There is no better place for fundraising in Dhul Hijjah than LaunchGood.









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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your fees?
There is no cost for setting up a LaunchGood and participating in the Dhul Hijjah boosts & prizes. Your campaign is only charged credit processing fees (2.9% + $0.30, per transaction) and minimal transfer fees when we send over the funds.
What is a Leaderboard?
Leaderboards are daily rankings in two categories - Most Raised and Most Supporters - that allow you to win prizes daily.
How do I win daily prizes?
There are 2 ways to win. Dhul Hijjah Referrals and Leaderboard Contest. Learn more here.
Why should I raise funds on LaunchGood this Dhul Hijjah?
We have donors in Dhul Hijjah that are especially generous and are looking to support multiple projects. In addition, our daily prizes and extra boosts till allow you to smash your fundraising goals!
Can I get help with my campaign?
You can ask us for support by sending us an email on help@launchgood.com. During Dhul Hijjah, you can talk to our customer success team on launchgood.com/alwayson
Can I win more than once on the Daily Leaderboard Contest?
Yes! You can win multiple days up to $10K. There will be no $10K cap for the Day of Arafah only!

If you have more questions, contact help@launchgood.com

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