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Organized by adam.soltani

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    As a neighbor, you know that the best way to challenge Islamophobia is to get to know your Muslim neighbor(s).

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    Community Partner

    As a community partner, you believe in the ability for positive images of Muslims to change the understanding of Islam and Muslims in America.

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    As a Believer, you are investing in the production of a single image for social media, website, and billboard sharing.

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    Swag Sponsor

    As a swag sponsor, you are helping us develop swag items in the theme of #TheMuslimNextDoor to help market the campaign to our friends, families, and neighbors.

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    Photo Shoot Sponsor

    As a photo shoot sponsor, you are investing in our ability to get more diverse photos to add to #TheMuslimNextDoor gallery.

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    Video Sponsor

    As a video sponsor, you are sponsoring the production of one video that will tell the story behind #TheMuslimNextDoor photos. These videos will be specially designed to engage with a social media audience.

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    Website Sponsor

    As a website sponsor, you are providing the funds necessary to build a website that will showcase #TheMuslimNextDoor campaign and be a platform for American Muslims to tell their stories.

    Sold out!

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    Forum Sponsor

    As a forum sponsor, you are investing in a public forum that will allow for an opportunity for people to get to know their Muslim neighbors and meet Muslims featured in #TheMuslimNextDoor campaign.

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    Billboard Sponsor

    As a billboard sponsor, you are sponsoring one billboard that will be up for a period of 12 months showcasing one of the images from #TheMuslimNextDoor campaign.

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