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Organized by Safi Shareef

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    Thanks friend!

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    In-Class for 1 attendee

    $50 can help take care of the Tablet/IPad rental, food, and in-class material for 1 attendee at 1 camp - how cool is that!

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    All the material for 1 kid

    can take care of all the media materials, follow-up package, Tablet rental for 1 attendee & their family at 1 camp - the full deal for 1 kid & care-giver!

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    Flights for 1 presenter

    Sponsor the flight for 1 presenter for 1 camp - sponsoring the teacher, make your money go the distance!

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    Venue sponsorship

    This would take care of the venue for a whole camp - we would superbly appreciate your contribution and our organizers would personally send you a message of thanks!

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    Sustainability Sponsor!

    You love this project so much that you want to make it happen in YOUR city / locale and we would be happy to take you up on that offer

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    Vision Sponsor!

    You would be listed as a primary sponsor for this project in our media material. You're especially awesome :)

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