Support Help Ibn Seena Academy Campus Expand This Ramadan

Organized by Rehannah Hemmali

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    Promoter of Guidance

    Jazak Allah khair! May Allah (SWT) reward you and your family.

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    Supporter of Success

    Jazak Allah khair! May Allah (SWT) reward you for your generous donation.

    27 claimed

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    Supporter of Knowledge

    Jazak Allah khair! You are helping a child to fulfill Allah's commandment to Read!

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    Supporter of Islamic Education

    Jazak Allah khair! You are ensuring that children can focus on getting a high quality education in a safe environment.

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    Guardian of the Word of Allah

    Jazak Allah khair! May Allah accept the duas made on your behalf by the students who benefit from your generous donation

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    Quran Lover

    Jazak Allah khair! Masha Allah, you are leading the way to make sure the next generation lives by, and loves the Quran.

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    Building a Path to Jannah

    Jazak Allah khair! By investing in this Sadaqa Jariah, you are paving your road to Jannah while preparing the next generation for success in this life.

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