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Help us to complete the World's First Children's Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Seerah and Educate our children, the future leaders of the Ummah, about Muhammed ﷺ

We are working to complete the world's first Children's Encyclopedia of Seerah. A modern illustrated resource on our Prophet, Muhammad ﷺ.

With your help this will be the only series of its kind that is written and produced for children of all ages to learn from, enjoy, and benefit إِنْ شَاءَ ٱللَّٰهُ.

This Encyclopedia will be a set of 4 volumes, each with over 80 pages with hundreds of full colour illustrations, diagrams, maps and photos, detailing the life and lessons of our Prophet (peace be upon him). Including his manners, his conduct, his achievements, and his example, that was left to us as a template for how to lead our lives.

Our Children need these lessons, presented in an appealing and
contemporary way, so they can learn from, and love, our Prophet ﷺ.

Each Volume will cover different aspects of The Messenger ﷺ:

Volume 1
The Life of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

Volume 2
The Perfect Character of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

Volume 3
The Roles and the Miracles of Muhammad ﷺ

Volume 4
Living by the Example of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

We are developing and publishing the series Muhammadﷺ The Children's Illustrated Encyclopedia of Seerah. Written for Key Stage 3 and 4 children, but being fully illustrated will also be of benefit to younger children as well.

The set consists of 4 volumes, with each volume containing 30 topics. These are some of the points that make this Encyclopedia unique:

❶ All topics are designed as 2 page full colour spreads that be full of illustrations and pictures to make it appealing to our young readers

❷ Every topic will consist of a relevant reference from the Quran or an authentic Hadith source to provide accurate and correct information

❸ Each topic will ask open-ended questions to engage the reader and to encourage internalization of the information in a personal way.

The famous scholar, Muhammad ibn 'Ali at-Tirmidhi said:

Our children are the next leaders of our Ummah. We need to pass on the same values, the lessons, and the love of our Prophet ﷺ to all of them.

Your donations will help develop and publish one thousand sets of the Encyclopedia (4000 individual Volumes altogether). These sets will be available to buy, but we will also donate many sets around the world to Islamic schools and children who are most in need. So they can learn about the greatest human being and follow his Sunnah.

Your donations will help educate thousands of children today, and generations more, who will cherish these books and In sha Allah become the future leaders of our Ummah.

Seerah Foundation have been publishing Islamic books for more than 40 years. We have sold and distributed tens of thousands of books around the world, including the renowned original series, Muhammad ﷺ Encyclopedia of Seerah, which was compiled and published in 8 Volumes by our founder, the late Afzalur Rahman.

This Children's Encyclopedia is based on his unpublished manuscripts that were recently discovered, but never before published. These manuscripts have been revised, updated, and completed, to cover all aspects of Muhammadﷺ's life and to give focus to the lessons children can learn from this amazing human being that we hold dear.

We have hired writers, researchers and illustrators to help complete this Encyclopedia and make it the best resource available today for children, on the life of our Prophet ﷺ.

Please support us in our mission to educate our children and revive the Muslim Ummah. You can support us by:

① Donating to this campaign

② Creating your own fundraising team and help us raise funds

③ Sharing this campaign with family and friends

④ Taking a challenge to raise funds for our campaign

⑤ Follow us on Social Media and share/promote our campaigns

⑥ Make Dua for the success of this project and its impact

Start your SADAQAH JARIYAH now, and benefit the Ummah with your donations and the sharing of beneficial knowledge.

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