LaunchGood Campaign Transfers

Need help sorting through possible payment options? Look no further! This section will address some of the frequently asked questions regarding payment to help you choose the best option.

How do Automatic Bank Transfers work?

Automatic bank transfers are the fastest and easiest way to get transfers on LaunchGood. An automatic bank transfer is processed through our robust payment provider, Stripe. The first contribution to your campaign will take about 7 business days to deposit.  After that, contributions are directly deposited in a given bank account on a rolling basis every 2-5 business days, which means that for all contributions made on a given day, corresponding deposits appear in a given bank account 2-5 business days thereafter. 

Why should I select Automatic Bank Transfer?

  • It’s the fastest way to receive funds raised from your campaign
  • Funds are deposited directly into your bank account
  • There are no extra transfer or conversion fees, which is especially helpful for campaigns outside of the U.S.

What countries can be paid through an Automatic Bank Transfer?

Countries that are listed on the following page, with the exception of Private Beta countries, can receive automatic bank transfers via Stripe. Click here for a list of countries that Stripe is available in.

Why is personal, legal, and/or tax information needed to receive funds through an Automatic Bank Transfer?

Such information is needed for identity verification purposes that Stripe requires in order to comply with financial regulations. Necessary information can include a form of government issued ID, an individual’s/business’ legal name, and/or a social security number/tax ID.

What should I do if my campaign is urgent but I don’t know where the funds will go yet?

Contact our team at or get in touch with your campaign coach. We can then enable a setting that allows funds to be held until the completion of a campaign or until funds require disbursement. Bank account information can be collected later on to deliver campaign funds. A domestic bank transfer takes at least 3 business days to deliver and will incur a $10 fee/transfer.

How can I receive funds in a country where Automatic Bank Transfers aren’t available?

Funds can take up to 60 days to transfer after the completion of a campaign.  An international bank transfer outside of the US will incur a $100 fee per transfer and additional foreign exchange fees may apply if funds are sent in a currency other than USD. If your campaign raises less than 300 (USD, CAD, EUR, GBP, SGD) all the funds will be refunded and no transfers will be made.

What happens if a bank transfer fails to deliver?

Our team will be in touch to notify you if a bank transfer fails to deliver funds. This occasionally happens due to account information being incorrect. It’s best to check with your bank and then confirm that all account information is inputted correctly within the payment info section of your campaign page. Specifically, the routing number should correspond to ACH transfers.

How do I find the right routing number?

The 9-digit ACH routing number can be found on a checkbook associated with a given account.

If a bank transfer fails to deliver, what other options are available?

Funds can be sent via PayPal. PayPal payments made to US accounts normally deliver within the same day without incurring additional fees. For international PayPal payments, additional fees may apply and funds may take longer to deliver than a same-day payment.