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Enrich your Ramadan by giving daily charity.

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Get the most out of Ramadan

There’s a lot you want to achieve in this blessed month, and we’ve got your daily act of charity covered for you. Joining the Ramadan Challenge means you can set the amount you want to donate this Ramadan once, and we’ll take care of the rest for you.

Set your daily giving amount.

We will automate your giving and send you a daily receipt.

Choose where your giving goes.

Add campaigns to your Giving List to determine where to send each day’s donation. We can also choose for you.

Track your Ramadan giving.

Thirty days. Thirty causes. Track your automated donations on your personal Giving Grid.

Blessed days.
Sacred nights.
Endless rewards.

Give a little, do a lot. See the real impact your giving creates around the world.











Donate $10 each day this Ramadan

why join?

Set your intention. Donate automatically.

Set your daily giving amount
We will automate your giving and send you a daily receipt.

Multiply your rewards
Never miss a day of giving and be sure to catch Laylatul Qadr.

Rest assured
Every campaign is vetted via industry-leading due diligence.

Trusted by donors like you.

My love for the Ramadan Challenge started with the ease of automated giving and not having to suffer from decision fatigue every day. Each year, LaunchGood would bring in new features that made the challenge more and more engaging. In short, I joined for ease and came back for the experience and the community.❞

Malick N.

Giving during Ramadan is a given, pun intended. But participating in Ramadan Challenge adds in a communal effect that you don’t get to see in traditional fundraising. I can take the time to learn more about where that donation is going and see how much of an impact it can make. It also opens you up to a whole range of exciting projects happening outside of your own bubble. I believe in giving locally and globally and the Ramadan Challenge allows me to do that easily.❞

Tessneem A.

Every year for the past 6 years there’s one thing I do that makes my Ramadan extra special... I take the Ramadan Challenge. I commit $1 a day and every day mixed with the thousands of other Muslims who participate, we create big change. The Ramadan Challenge gives me peace of mind that yes I’m making a difference and joining the Ummah as one heart beat❞

Maysoon F.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What time is my card charged?
Auto-donations will run at 12AM UTC (8PM ET) daily. Convert to your local time here.
Can I change my giving preferences?
Yes, you will be able to edit your settings at any time in your user profile.
What if I don’t have a campaign in my Giving List?
If your Giving List is empty, LaunchGood will choose a deserving campaign for you. You will get a receipt with the campaign that your donation went to.
What if I signed up late and have missing leaves?
You can donate manually on the website and it will fill up your missing leaves.
Will I be charged after Ramadan?
No. You will not be charged after the 30 days of Ramadan.

If you have more questions, check out our FAQs , or contact us at help@launchgood.com

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