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Reviving the Hajj Experience by riding our bicycles from Rome, Italy to Mecca!

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    Our Story

    Rihla Calvin Hobbes

    Me: Omar, now that you’ve graduated from college and are working now, what do you want to do?

    Omar: I think it’s time we perform Hajj, bro. But let’s do it a little differently.

    Me: What do you have in mind?

    My brother, Omar, and I often look back at the conversation we had in the summer of 2013 and smile, shaking our heads in disbelief. Our daydreams led us to conversations that went on late into the night, which led to sketching cross-country maps from various parts of the earth, which then somehow led to the formation of a team whose sole intention and goal is to perform the sacred ritual of Hajj in a very unique way…




    The Adventure of a Lifetime


    Al-Rihlah is a project that was inspired by the stories of people in the past traveling to the holy city of Mecca to perform the sacred ritual of Hajj. We are a group of young American Muslims who wish to perform Hajj by riding our bicycles from Rome, Italy to Mecca.

    Due to the modern forms of transportation and luxuries we enjoy today, we feel that a big part of the Hajj experience is missing. We hope to revive the traditions of the past by embarking on this physically challenging and spiritually rejuvenating voyage. Plus, young people are always looking for an adventure!

    Rihla team


    The Plan


    Rihla team

    God willing, in July 2015 we will set out on our 60 day trip from Rome and cycle over 3,000 miles to the holy city of Jerusalem. From there we will put on our ritual garments and travel to Saudi Arabia to perform Hajj. In between we will cross various countries. It is our hope to regularly share our experiences throughout the ride through blog entries, photography, video, etc. to inspire the Muslim Ummah to do amazing things in their lives.
    Our bicycles will act as our horses as we prepare for the many challenges Mother Nature has to offer. As it has been done in the past, we will be carrying our luggage and equipment on our backs, relying on the resources God has provided us on Earth to sustain ourselves as well as the assistance of people we meet along the way.
    Rihla team

    Meet the Team

    Click on the images below to learn more about the team behind Al-Rihla:

    Rihla team

    Rihla team

    Our Goals

    We hope to accomplish two things by embarking on this journey:

    1.To cause a reform in the way Hajj is performed, one that allows more spiritual preparation through contemplating the majesty of Allah’s creation and meeting new people on this journey.
    2.To do something, with the support of our community, to inspire the Muslim Ummah that when we work together we achieve amazing things. 

    What We Need

    Muslims in the past would leave their towns with resources provided from their community to help them make their journey to Mecca, turning the ritual of Hajj into a truly communal event that brought honor and pride to a people. The supporters would earn the sincere prayers of the person performing Hajj and the knowledge that they had empowered their Muslim brothers and sisters to achieve a life goal.

    We are currently at a critical stage in our project where we need to raise some capital for the start up costs of this ambitious endeavor. We are looking to raise $15,000 to purchase six bicycles, gear, and traveling equipment. As young professionals we will also be saving up funds on our own to pay for our regular Hajj expenses as a number Islamic scholars have informed us that it is in fact permissible to seek funds.

    We have partnered with LaunchGood, the premiere crowd funding platform for Muslims, and have kicked off our 30-day campaign for the month of February. Insha’Allah, there are many incentives to contributing to our project which are outlined on the LaunchGood profile. One of them being us taking your Dua request to Mecca!

    Below is a breakdown of our projected costs.



    Rewarding Your Support!

    Along with our regular duas as we bike to Mecca, we will provide a free Al-Rihlah t-shirt to supporters, and depending on the level of support we provide certain benefits that are outlined below. Read the perk descriptions on the right for more info!


    Other Ways You Can Help

    Just because you can't contribue financially doesn't mean you can't support!
    • Use the social media sharing tools under our video to spread the word!
    •  Stay up to date on our journey by liking us on Facebook and following on Twitter.
    • Join our emailing list and visit our website at
    • Tweet, message, or email us your words of encouragement and support. It’s going to be a tough ride!

    Thank You to Our Sponsors

    • If interested in supporting in this way contact us here.



















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  • Al-Rihlah


    pledged of $10,000 goal




    Day Left

    This is an all-or-nothing funding campaign, and will only receive funds if it reaches its goal by April 16, 2014



    Houston (U.S.A) - Social Media Love!

    3 claimed

    Every little bit helps! You get an awesome shout out on Facebook/Twitter to thank you for you supporting us with you hard earned dollar!


    On the Plane - Scenic Email!

    2 claimed

    And a little bit that helps more deserves even more! We will email you a scenic picture from somewhere in our travel with a thank you from the whole team!


    Over the Ocean - Personalized Postcard!

    10 claimed

    You helped us take off! We're sending you a personalized postcard from the one of the cities we visit!


    Rome - Hand-written thank you!

    22 claimed

    Your contribution is really taking us places! To show our appreciation, we'll send you a handwritten thank you card from all members of the team!


    Sofia - Making dua for you!

    13 claimed

    We will accept your personal Dua requests, plus send you a handwritten thank you card!


    Istanbul - Al-Rihlah gear!

    11 claimed

    Receive an Al-Rihlah T-shirt in addition to the thank you card and personal dua!


    Konya - Basic Sponsor

    1 claimed

    Be mentioned at ALL our events! Have your sponsor name (or even just your name) mentioned at all Al-Rihlah events PLUS all above


    Cyprus - Elite Sponsor!

    2 claimed

    Be on our website! Have your sponsor logo & name (or even just your name) listed on our website PLUS all above


    Amman - Bronze Bike Sponsor!

    0/6 claimed

    NAME A BIKE! One of our team bikes will be named by you (can be your company name, best friend, or even yourself!) PLUS all the elite sponsor perks AND Arabic calligraphy of Surah Ikhlaas


    Medina - Silver Sponsor!

    0/3 claimed

    Your sponsor name on the Rihla t-shirts! Everyone who receives a t-shirt will see your name, and know that you made a big difference! PLUS all the elite sponsor perks AND Arabic calligraphy of Surah Al-Fatiha


    Mecca - Gold Sponsor!

    0/2 claimed

    Your sponsor name on our team jerseys! Be seen across 10 countries, and know that you made a HUGE difference! PLUS all the elite sponsor perks AND Arabic calligraphy of Ayatul Kursi

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