World Child Cancer Bangladesh Ramadan Appeal

This Ramadan, help raise vital funds to ensure that children with cancer in Bangladesh do not suffer unnecessary pain.

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Children’s Palliative Care in Bangladesh

Give relief to a child with cancer in Bangladesh

The Children’s Palliative Care Initiative Bangladesh (CPCIB), is an initiative of World Child Cancer, in collaboration with the International Children’s Palliative Care Network. It aims to support the development of palliative care services available for children with cancer and other life-limiting conditions throughout Bangladesh. This is estimated to be in the region of 2 million children.

World Child Cancer helps children access cancer diagnosis, treatment and support in developing countries where the chances of survival can be as low as 10%, compared with 80% in the developed world.

Yasmin's Story 

Meet 10-year old Yasmin. After several of months of feeling unwell, Yasmin’s parents took her to Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University Hospital (BSMMU) in Bangladesh. It was here, that the doctors diagnosed Yasmin with cancer in her leg. Unfortunately, the cancer had spread extensively and a cure was no longer possible. Whilst at hospital, Yasmin was experiencing a lot of pain, so was prescribed morphine.   

Dr Megan Doherty (pictured above with Yasmin) cared for her in her final few weeks. Instead of dying in hospital, afraid and anxious, Yasmin was able to go home surrounded by those who loved her the most”.                   

Why Palliative Care is Necessary              

Initially, Yasmin’s father was concerned that Yasmin would become addicted. However, the Palliative Care team at BSMMU explained to him that morphine is a safe form of pain relief. Yasmin was monitored closely for several days, until her parents requested for her to be allowed to come home, and to spend her final weeks close to her family.

Unfortunately, many doctors and nurses in Bangladesh have a lack of understanding of the importance of palliative care for children with cancer, and other life-limiting conditions. World Child Cancer supports training for doctors and nurses in Bangladesh to ensure that more children like Yasmin can spend the last weeks of their lives at home, and without unnecessary pain.

Why We Need Your Support

As someone who has seen the suffering of a child with cancer, my nephew Musa who is currently undergoing a bone marrow transplant in the UK, we know that there are so many children out there in Bangladesh like him who can't afford or get access to end-of-life treatment. I have also seen the incredible impact that World Child Cancer is having in Bangladesh providing relief to children suffering from cancer. 

How You Can Support 

The Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) said: “Whoever relieves the hardship of a believer in this world, Allah will relieve his hardship on the Day of Resurrection.” (Sahih Muslim)

Help us provide relief to a child suffering from cancer in Bangladesh this Ramadan. 

You can support now by hitting the 'Support' button at the top of the page and share the link with your friends, family and colleagues OR text 'RAMA22 £10' to 70070.

More Information

For more information on World Child Cancer’s work and how they look to end suffering for children with cancer across the developing world visit or email

Thank you for all your generosity and support in helping to end suffering for children with cancer in Bangladesh. 

World Child Cancer Team 

£10 GBP

2 Weeks Pain Relief Treatment

£10 could pay for 2 weeks-worth of pain relief for a child with cancer in Bangladesh. It is estimated that 2 million children in Bangladesh need palliative care.

4 claimed

£50 GBP

Food & Transport Cost for Patient's Family

£50 could support the food and transport costs of a family struggling to cope with the financial burden of having a child who needs constant medical attention.

2 claimed

£200 GBP

Palliative Care Assistant

£200 could support the salary of a Palliative Care Assistant for a month in Bangladesh; helping to deliver palliative care medicines to children who desperately need it.

1 claimed

£2000 GBP

Palliative Healthcare Team in Dhaka Slums

£2,000 could pay for a healthcare team (including a doctor, nurse and physiotherapist) for a year to deliver treatment and care to children in a Dhaka slum requiring palliative care support.

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