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Update: Thanks to awesome support, We are now releasing 2 new animations every 3 days. We have also launched free online tv for better services work is underway to complete all 11 series In sha Allah.

After asking for shipping address through email ids we have shipped all rewards, You will get them within next month. In sha Allah (also amybody who missed out can just email us at and we ll send them right away)

May Allah swt make it a source of constant sadqa jaria for you all.

We are working on 11 series that will Enable EVERY SINGLE HUMAN BEING Access to Comprehensive Islamic Education.

Let's make Islamic Education Universal, Free, State of the Art and Available to EVERY SINGLE HUMAN BEING.

It all started when the first video on Surah Al Asr was uploaded by Brother Erfian Asafat. The response blew us all away; there was a huge demand for visual learning and use of animations/illustrations to teach Quran and Islam.

On 1st May 2014, Darul Arqam Studios was created with a very specific goal in mind. To make Quranic Education Universal, Free, State of the Art and available to every human being across the world.

Since that day, we have been creating 1 animation video per week which has now risen to 2 animation videos per week. We have crossed over 300 animation videos which have been viewed by millions of people both muslims and non-muslims in different corners of the world. What’s amazing is that we now have TV Channels broadcasting our animation videos which in itself is reaching millions of people Alhamdulillah. You can visit our Youtube channel for all of our animation and illustration videos done to-date. 

Living in the Digital Age, we have an unprecedented opportunity in the world to make state of the art Islamic Education available to 3 billion people connected to the Internet for Free.

Our List of series given below gives a brief summary of our major undertakings. As you will see from the list, we believe in the age old saying of give a man a fish and you feed him for a Day, give a man a fishing rod and you feed him for life. We believe in a comprehensive Islamic Education, starting from the very basics and ending with an individual being able to directly connect with the word of Allah swt.

Your Funds will be used for improving 3 key areas:

Quality: We want our videos to be the best possible; cutting edge quality to help with the learning process.

Quantity: Because the scope of what we are trying to achieve is so huge, we have to raise the Quantity of our episodes too.

Outreach: Content creation is the first step. We want to reach out to the audience once the content has been created.

 Millions of Total Views for Each Video - combined from Facebook/all youtube channels uploading our videos
 Hundreds and Hundreds of Re-uploads 
 Multiple International TV Channels broadcasting our animation
 Completely FREE to re-use 


Non-Profit Organization

  • Any content that has been produced through our platform has been and will continue to be absolutely free, without any copyrights and available to everyone
  • Video Productions is a department that requires Professionals working full time, hence the funds are needed to sustain them and their families who are dependent on this. We need to ensure their livelihood is taken care of so that they can continuously produce new illustration Videos

We keep track of every single penny that we receive. You can find detailed accounts of all the use of funds and expenditures for Darul Arqam Studios here:

Its simple. We want millions of people to benefit from our work for FREE. We have seen the results of our work and have received countless testimonials of people telling us about the impact these animations have had on their lives or their children's lives. The reality is that we can make a lot more money if this was a paid service but we are not doing this to get rich. We simply want people to benefit and we ask Allah that he accepts it from us and everyone who helps make this a reality. 

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We also want to reach out to Non-Muslims by spending part of the funds raised on targeting that Audience.

We are pairing the best Audio content with the best Visual content. and we want all of this to be accessible to every single human being on Earth for Free!.

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