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Rafiq & Friends Makes Parenting Easier!

We all talk about wanting to make Ramadan special for our kids, but how can we possibly compete with all the elaborate non-Muslim holidays that our kids are missing out on? Rafiq & Friends is here to help! Rafiq & Friends is an ongoing edutainment series, starting with The Ramadan Date Palm which includes:

  • A hardcover Ramadan Date Palm book with hand illustrations and rhyming verses
  • 35 unique activity cards for each day of Ramadan, starting night before Ramadan and ending with 4 Eid al-Fitr activities
  • A special date plate that places your child in charge of serving dates every evening
  • A Rafiq plush toy that helps build an emotional bond with Muslim characters
  • Exclusive on-line interactive content including games, crafts, and Ramadan and Eid decorations.

So why support Rafiq & Friends today? Because supporting us is a building block towards the future of Muslim edutainment for our children! 

SHIPPING: InshAllah shipping will commence mid-May and be received prior to the start of Ramadan.

Ramadan Can Be Just As Festive as Christmas

Fatemeh Mashouf is a litigation attorney and Justin Mashouf is a four-time Emmy award winning filmmaker. So why have they jumped into this children's book adventure? Because they love Ramadan and want to help Muslim children see that       30 days of Ramadan can be just as festive as Christmas!

Quality Products For Our Children

Ever wonder why our children are captivated by mainstream books and cartoons but disinterested in "hijabi dolls" and singing camels? Children are attracted to high quality products and it's time we start making content that intrigues them! We know Rafiq & Friends meets our children's standards - the look on their faces when they open up the Ramadan Date Palm speaks for itself! 

And guess what? That's exactly how the Ummah can begin to share Ramadan with non-Muslim children as well! Rafiq & Friends is an opportunity for us to share our message with everyone - come join us!

What's All The Buzz?



Next Up...Hajj and More!

Your support will not only bring this project to fruition, but it will support Rafiq & Friends' next project. Rafiq & Friends' strives to make every Muslim holiday exciting and fun for your family, starting with Ramadan and jumping right into Hajj! That's why we have already begun to develop additional books, games, and activities that will continue to be available for your child over the years! Check out for special activities and crafts for your child, as well as exclusive member-only activities.

Let's Do This Together...

First, thank you for reading this far. That means you believe in our mission to improve the lives of young Muslims across the West with high quality books and creative activities and games. Visit our website to get a glimpse of the kind of activities and interactives you child can look forward to this Ramadan and all year long.

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Rafiq & Friends' Stickerly Love!

Thank you for your support! Enjoy a Rafiq & Friends sticker on us!

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The Ramadan Date Palm Set

Get the set at LaunchGoods' exclusive discounted price for: the book, date plate, doll, 35 activity cards, and full on-line access to additional activities and content. Delivered to your door a couple weeks before Ramadan for a child you love! ***SHIPPING OUTSIDE OF USA IS AN ADDITIONAL $30

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The Siblings Set

The ideal gift for a pair of siblings is here! You get 2 dolls, 2 plates, a book, a set of 35 activity cards, and full on-line access. ***SHIPPING OUTSIDE USA IS AN ADDITIONAL $40.

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Buy One, Donate One!

Want to share Rafiq & Friends with a low income family? For $70, not only will you get the full Ramadan Date Palm set, but we will donate a second set to a low income Muslim family. Share the love! ***SHIPPING OUTSIDE OF USA IS AN ADDITIONAL $30

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Two Sets, Twice the Fun!

For $75, you get two full Ramadan Date Palm sets. ***SHIPPING OUTSIDE OF USA IS AN ADDITIONAL $55

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Original Rafiq & Friends Illustration & Autographed Set

Our amazing illustrator in Italy will prepare you an illustration of your own! You will also get the full Ramadan Date Palm set with a special note from the author.***SHIPPING OUTSIDE OF USA IS AN ADDITIONAL $30

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Your Child Featured In The Next Book + 2 Ramadan Date Palm Sets

Excited for the future of Rafiq & Friends? Get even more excited because for $500, your child will be illustrated in one of our upcoming books! We will also send you two full sets of the Ramadan Date Palm.

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VIP Book Reading

What will your child bring at the next show-and-tell? How about a Ramadan Date Palm reading at your child's school or mosque by the author herself! *Terms & Conditions apply. Travel not included.

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VIP Book Reading + 10 Ramadan Date Palm Sets

Have an exclusive Ramadan Date Palm reading at your child's school or mosque by the author herself! This reward comes with 10 full Ramadan Date Palm sets for your child to share. *Terms & Conditions apply. Travel not included.

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