The ILM Center: An Islamic Library in Inner-City DC

Help Inner-City Southeast DC's residents gain access to quality Islamic literature!

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Providing Inner-City Residents Access to Quality Islamic Literature

We are aiming to build the ILM Center ("ILM" = Islamic Learning Mindset)--an Islamic library to be housed at the Islamic Heritage Museum in Anacostia, a neighborhood of Southeast DC. The Center will be for anyone who needs it, however, it is primarily intended to serve inner-city residents—individuals, youth, and families who do not have access to quality Islamic literature. This library will eliminate two important obstacles to such access: the financial barrier, as good-quality literature is often very expensive; and geographical barriers, as the major Islamic bookstores with vast selections of titles are a significant distance away. The library will be housed at a location which is walking distance from a Metro subway station and located alongside one of the main thoroughfares of Southeast DC.

Why it Matters (The Impact)

Your contribution will enable quality books to reach the hands of individuals who otherwise might never come across these titles in their lives. This is not an exaggeration. The library will be a place of refuge and reflection that, insha’Allah, inspires personal and social change; where people's inward and outward affairs can be contemplated over and rectified; where journeys of self-discovery are stimulated and fostered; and where enlightenment is found. The library will also stock literature intended to respond to literature requests by our brothers and sisters in detention and correctional facilities.

The Project

The first phase of our library project is aimed at acquiring the bare minimum to launch the library by the summer of this year, insha’Allah. In this phase, the goal is to raise $7,000 which will go toward investing in the purchase of the initial book collection (an array of titles suggested by scholars, educators, and community members, with a robust selection of children's books), bookcases, and tables. (If you would like to directly donate a title recommended by a scholar, email us and we will send you a list of scholars' recommendations.) Alhamdulillah, we already have chairs in our possession. Insha’Allah, in future phases, we will work on expanding the collection, establishing an online database, and beautifying the space. 

Aside from serving as a reading library, the Center will also be a hub for bi-weekly children's storytimes and regular book club meetings, insha'Allah. 

For all who give, first and foremost, you will be remembered in our du'as. Also, we have a limited number of special perks for donors!! See the side column for details!


How You Can Help (The Ask/Rewards)

If you are not in a position to make a financial contribution, this does not mean that you cannot help. Take a moment to:

1) Make a du'a for the success and acceptance of this project.

2) Copy the link above & paste it/post in on Facebook.

3) Tweet about the ILM Center & use the hashtag #IqraDC! Mention the ILM Center in your Facebook status updates! 

4) Take a picture of yourself with one of your favorite or life-changing Islamic books and post it on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #IqraDC! 

5) Send a personalized email to your family, friends, networks asking for their support. 

$25 USD

Intellectual Food

Choose 1 of 5 inspiring, thought-provoking papers written by Sh. Jihad Hashim Brown, Dr. Umar Faruq Abd-Allah, or Sh. Musa Furber, published by the Tabah Foundation (details will be emailed). Shipping included.

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$50 USD

Copy of 'The Prophetic Invocations' (book & CD)

A valuable collection of daily adhkar (invocations) compiled by Imam al-Haddad. Arabic text, translation, transliteration, and commentary provided. Shipping included.

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$75 USD

NutraBee Immuno Bee (12 oz. jar)

NutraBee Immuno Bee uses only certified-organic whole Black Seed which is added to 100% pure unprocessed Canadian honey. Black Seed is a natural antibiotic that is used in traditional healing systems as a natural anti inflammatory, as a digestive aid, and for parasitic infections. Shipping included.

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NutraBee Bee Active (12 oz. jar)

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