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Ta'leef Collective is a Registered 501(c)(3), Tax ID 72-1528691.

Ta'leef Collective: Balancing The Sacred & Social


How do we as individuals balance our sacred and social self along with creating a place which promotes personal growth? Ta'leef Collective continues to lead this discusion in what it means to be Muslim in the global community. Beginning in 2002 as an outreach program in Northern California, Ta'leef provides a safe space where families, youth, converts, born Muslims and those seeking information on Islam can be recieved in a heartfelt manner without judgement. We serve seekers actively interested in Islam and converts to the faith, assisting them in realizing conversion to and practice of Islam, with a healthy gradual integration into our greater Muslim community. Ta'leef Collective also strives to reengage the growing number of disenfranchised and often marginalized Muslim young adults.


Ta'leef Media: Leading Discussions Worldwide


Ta'leef Media seeks to address the lived reality of the Muslim community, in a meaningful way. Part of what make us unique is our connection to many avenues of traditional scholarship. With Imam Zaid Shakir as the Chairman of the Board, Dr. Umar Faruq Abdullah as a full-time teacher, Dr. Sherman Jackson as a contributor and Usama Canon as Founding Director and full-time teacher… we seek to provide media content that is Islamically sound and culturally relevant.

People all over the world have informed us that the media we produce has changed their lives… some have said it has saved their religion. We are living in challenging times and through our professional online media productions (feature films, short films, programs, and classes), we have helped lead the discussion around what it means to be Muslim in today’s world. Serving the dual purposes of outreach and education, Ta’leef Collective’s award-winning production crew continues to set new standards of engagement for the global Muslim community. With over ONE MILLION online views of our past media productions, Ta’leef Media is now ready to take things to the next level by implementing TA’LEEF MEDIA LIVE… bringing Ta’leef LIVESTREAMING directly to our global audience!


Help Bring Ta'leef Media LIVE to a Global Audience with Livestreaming



For the past 5 years, Ta’leef has brought you professionally produced feature documentary films, short films, programs, classes, events, etc… for FREE. And with over 1 million online views, Ta’leef Media continues to impact the lives of thousands of people across the globe. Ta'leef Live will bring Ta'leef Media (weekly, monthly and quarterly productions) directly to your smartphone, computer, or TV, no matter where you are. With professional livestreaming you will now be able to join us in real time and engage/ask questions (via twitter feed). This is Ta'leef Media LIVE!


What Livestreaming Will Bring to Our Global Community

Ta’leef engages American Muslim thought leaders and scholars through our media, providing you with first hand experiences and a direct connection. A successful campaign will enable us to continue and build on this media by livestreaming incredible scholars and speakers such as Dr. Umar Faruq Abdullah, Usama Canon & other renowned guests on a regular basis:


How You Can Help

We could never do our work without the generous support of people like you. There are 2 simple, quick ways you can help and make a big difference:

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With your help we can reach our goal and make Ta’leef Media LIVE a reality, inshallah!

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