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HELP School Education in Syria!

About one million and half school-aged Syrian refugees (6-18 years) in the neighboring countries of Syria are not attending schools. While the situation inside Syria is much sever and school attendance rate was dropped as low as 6%. Supporting education for Syrian children is the only way to preserve our next generation. Syrian Hands aims at solving the educational problem of Syrian children by bringing them back to their schools inside their home towns and refugee camps in Syria.

Last Year

Last year, and thanks to everyone’s support, in cooperation with Ghiras Team, we could restore two schools (Al-Amoodiyah School and Jida’ar Ma’rata Camp School) in Syria, and we could give hope for 451 students (boys: 228; girls: 223) to continue their education! We offered support for this project by offering school bags, educational activities, improving the school infrastructure and supporting the school staff.

Let Us Continue

This year, we hope to continue supporting the children with their education for the next school year 2017-2018. Running cost for these school is $20,000. And also we plan to open a new kindergarten in collaboration with Molham Team.

The Kindergarten aims to provide opportunities for the preschool children to play, listen, talk, experiment, investigate, and to develop intellectually, physically, socially and emotionally skills. Our psychological support for kids will helping them to overcome the harsh conditions they are facing now due to war in Syria.The kindergarten has 3 levels (KG1, KG2 and KG3) and will give the hope for 100 children to get education. Establishment cost of this project is already covered and the yearly running cost will be $10,000.

Who Are We?

Syrian Hands is a charity group based in Japan to help displaced Syrian's and children in and around Syria. Some of the main work we do:

  • Syrian Orphan Sponsorship
  • Syrian Children Educational Support
  • Empowering Syrian Women to lead sustainable lives
  • Medical Aid
  • Emergency Aid

We work closely with trusted organizations such as SEMA (Medical), Molham (Emergency Aid, Orphan Sponsorship, Education) and Ghiras (Education).

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