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Support the (UOSSM USA) in delivering funds raised to medical facilities throughout Syria in order to provide immediate medical assistance. #StandWithAleppo

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Take action to help the people of Aleppo and all of Syria. Many require immediate medical attention and extensive care. Support us so we can provide all the care they need and help us save lives

The people of Aleppo have endured over five years of relentless bombardment, they have been exposed to every type of weaponry, they suffered complete besiegement for months, and finally a total collapse of the health care system as every hospital in the area was bombed and shut down as the area was under a fierce air campaign.  

UOSSM has been preparing for the evacuation and have already helped facilitate the receipt of some evacuees/patients from Aleppo, assessing the needs of the people and are sending them to appropriate hospitals/locations based on the severity of injuries. 

Unfortunately the international community failed them terribly. Now, tens of thousands are trapped inside a very small area.

We all feel their pain, we all feel helpless, we all feel like there is nothing we can do, but we can do something. By supporting UOSSM we can help the victims of Aleppo and throughout Syria, who have been the victims of a brutal war, that has claimed the lives of at least 500,000 people, and displaced at least 4.8 million people, making in the largest humanitarian and refugee crisis of our time. We can help them get the care they so desperately need. This is the action that is within our scope, don't miss out on the opportunity to save Syrian lives. 

As people of Aleppo are evacuated from the only home they have ever known, many will require immediate and extensive medical care, aid and relief, many of the victims are severely wounded and on the brink of death. 

Union of Medical Care and Relief Organizations USA (UOSSM USA) will be delivering funds raised to medical facilities throughout Syria in order to provide the medical care, supplies, equipment and consumables that is so desperately needed. 

Union of Medical Care and Relief Organizations USA (UOSSM USA) is a nonprofit humanitarian NGO that was founded to support the health-related needs and well-being of people and communities affected by crises and their aftermath, regardless of nationality, ethnicity, gender, religion or political affiliation. 

UOSSM currently supports over 120 field hospitals and over 200 medical points throughout Syria, including multi-specialty hospitals, primary health care and mental health clinics, rehabilitation centers, and specialized medical training centers. As of October 2015, UOSSM has trained over 8,000 medical staff workers in Syria. 

How You Can Help:

Support UOSSM: support our efforts to provide medical care and relief. 

Spread the word: Please share this campaign with all of your friends, family, coworkers, anyone that would want to help with this worthy effort. 

If you as a public figure or organization are willing to endorse this cause, all we ask is that you share this link via social media and email. 

We are kindly asking for religious institutions, humanitarian organizations, community leaders, and groups to endorse and promote this initiative so we can help save the lives of these children and their families. 

For more information and media inquiries please email:

$15 USD

Bring a Smile Back to the Children

You can help provide toys to children who have suffered so much and return smiles to their innocent faces, these children have literally lost everything, this is part of the evacuation efforts made by UOSSM.

34 claimed

$20 USD

Transport 5 Patients to Hospitals

This will cover the cost to transport 5 patients to area hospitals.

37 claimed

$25 USD

Provide Mental/Psycho Social Health Care

This will provide patients with a month's worth of mental health care. This is very important as the people of Aleppo/Syria have been under overwhelming stress for months if not years.

30 claimed

$50 USD

Emergency Surgical Intervention

This includes the cost of minor surgical procedures in an emergency room or medical point by medical personnel for treatment such as removal of superficial shrapnel, treatment for fractures, including application of casts. Local anesthesia/ and or moderate sedation, and medications are included in this amount. Many of the evacuated patients of Aleppo desperately need such care.

75 claimed

$125 USD

Major Surgical Operation

This includes everything required to perform a major surgical operation under general anesthesia in an operating room on one patient, and includes sterilization supplies, medications, general anesthesia and treatment, . This also covers the patient stay and post op care for an average of 5 days.

36 claimed

$200 USD

Major Surgery With Extended Medical Care

This covers major surgery and includes extended post op medical care, mental and psycho social support services, and physical therapy. Many of the patients evacuated from Aleppo will need/require this type of care.

22 claimed

$500 USD

Emergency Surgical Intervention for 10 Patients

The number of patients that require care is staggering. This covers the cost of minor surgical procedures by medical personnel for treatment of removal of superficial shrapnel, treatment for fractures including application of casts etc. Local anesthesia/ and or moderate sedation, and medications are included in this amount. This covers a total of 10 patients.

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