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Support a Student Today! 

Our goal is to raise funds for Safina Society students who need the financial support during the holy month of Ramadan. By giving, you could be helping a father, mother, a child, and therefore a fellow brother/sister in Islam. Help make it possible for them to afford a quality Islamic Education! 

What is Safina Society? 

Our mission is to teach the eight sciences of the deen to people of all ages and circumstances. Currently we teach live classes out of the New Brunswick Islamic Center to children, high schoolers, and adults, including a track called The Road Ahead for new & recommitting Muslims. We are also developing our online wing, with a flourishing podcast and online classes. 

What 3 classes are you supporting? 

Uwaylim: The Adult Scholarship Track 

We have a total of 2 people in this program that need your help. 

At Uwaylim, we really want to graduate solid individuals, grounded in the fundamentals of aqida, fiqh, hadith, and the sciences of the Quran. Attendance is taken strictly and assessments are given out on a regular basis. It's a five year program that started in 2013. Students can enter in at any term. When we cycle back and begin from the 101 again, those who entered half-way will take those classes, thereby completing all ten courses.

The Road Ahead 

We have a total of 3 people and their kids in this program that need your help. 

The Road Ahead is the educational program for converts or beginners in Islam. They learn about the Prophet ﷺ, purification and prayer, death and afterlife, purification of the heart, basics of sacred law (fasting, zakat, Hajj, marriage, trade, inheritance), the rights of parents and prohibitions of the tongue, and the history of the Quran and Hadith. 


We have a total of 3 people and their kids in this program that need your help. 

Under our qualified instructors, community members of all ages can learn Arabic grammar at all levels (basic, intermediate, advanced) and use varieties of renowned works as guidelines.

How can you help? 

By donating today and sharing this initiative with your family and friends, you can help a student receive knowledge. This is critical because aiding the spread of the truth will be valuable to your success in this life and the next one. Jazakum Allah Kheir! 

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Surely, from what you give there will be immense reward in return from your Lord.

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You're giving about 1/3 the tuition of a student!

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You have officially secured someone's semester of education.

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Giving others access to education is indeed a powerful investment in this life and the next.

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Helping 3 students means you've helped complete funding a class!

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You've helped with half of our campaign! You'd be responsible for helping half of our aided students.

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You've ended our campaign already! You'd be responsible for helping ALL of our aided students.

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