Serving Afghanistan's most vulnerable: Enabled Children Initiative

Help us to empower some of the most at-risk children in Afghanistan

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What We're Doing

ECI is an independent, not-for-profit UK registered charity (charity registration number:1157583) that supports children in need or at risk in Afghanistan, focusing on disabled and abandoned disabled children or those at risk of abandonment, in order to improve their quality of life and help them reach their full potential. Our staff are all volunteers, which means 100% of funds raised goes directly to the benefit of the children we support.

With your support, we aim to raise 53,000 USD to fund 12 months of operational costs at our private care home, Window of Hope, in Kabul, which provides a home to 17 orphans with disabilities.  The home also serves as a temporary shelter for children who are found abandoned, providing a safe place for over two dozen children this year.

Our Vision

ECI’s activities work toward a vision in which all Afghan children have a safe home in which to thrive, with equal access to healthcare and education. ECI contributes to this vision by:

  • working with partners in Afghanistan to provide comprehensive residential care, including a safe and nurturing home, rent costs, staff salary costs, nutritional food, health and dental care, seasonal clothing, specialized equipment (ie, wheelchairs, walkers, etc.), recreational activity, education and treatment to abandoned or orphaned disabled children;
  • working with local partners to provide comprehensive capacity building through training (management, finance, specialized care), support, and mentoring to caregivers and mangers,
  • working to prevent abandonment of disabled children and help reintegrate abandoned disabled children with their families through the in-home support program;
  • and raising awareness of the needs of disabled children at all levels, from the community and government level in Afghanistan, to globally via outreach activities.

Our Project

ECI currently supports 17 Afghan children and youths that are both disabled and abandoned/orphaned residing at the Window of Hope care home.The objective of this project is to sustain the operation of the Window of Hope private care home to support the children who live there, and others throughout the year, for one year from July 2016-2017. The funds will cover the full operational costs, including general provisions needed for the children for one year. This includes: food, basic needs and essentials, clothing, healthcare, education, physiotherapy treatment, salary costs for seven employees there, rent, maintenance, employment of a teacher and utility costs

How You Can Help

ECI provides a unique service in Afghanistan not currently offered by the Afghan government or other NGO service providers—ECI provides a safety net to the most vulnerable children in need of social protection, disabled children who have been orphaned or abandoned. Please help us keep the doors of Window of Hope open for these children who otherwise have nowhere else to go and no hope.

You can help by making a donation, and spreading the word about ECI's work. Sign up for our quarterly newsletter on our website, and read more about the children we support here.

$15 USD

Cost of water for 1 month

6 claimed

$50 USD

Cost of medicines for one month

Includes anti-convulsive medicine, antibiotics and other medication as required.

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$110 USD

Cost of electricity for one month

1 claimed

$114 USD

Cost of hospital and dental visits for one month

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$150 USD

Cost of caretaker for one month

6 days a week for 6 hours a day (teaching life skills, socialization, and interperonsal skills for children with less severe disabilities).

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$200 USD

Cost of physiotherapist and teacher for one month

For 5 days a week, 4 hours per day 2 hours of physiotherapy and 2 hours of life skills/occupational therapy for the children with more severe disabilities.

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$705 USD

Cost of food for one month

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$900 USD

Cost of rent for one month

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