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Help us create a safe space for the children Of Rafah/Gaza

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First things first: thank you to everyone who has made this project possible, to everyone who has donated time and money to making our activities with the children of Rafah possible.

A YEAR AGO a group of educators got together and established The Hope& Peace Foundation for Children. With dozens of years of educational experience between us we realized we had to find new and innovative ways of engaging with and helping the children in our city, Rafah, in Gaza.

It is impossible to summarize the effect of Israel’s siege and regular bombardment of Gaza on the psychological fabric of children's’ lives. Hundreds of thousands of children across the Strip suffer from PTSD and are need of intensive psycho-social support.

We are doing what we can do to help. And what we are able to do right now is to provide a safe space for kids to work out and express their feelings and to develop skills that can give them a stake in their own future.

Our work over the last year can be broken down into a series of projects. We ran two summer camps that featured a range of creative, dramatic and educational activities; we have run workshops on personal health, on individual rights; we have taken field trips with the children. In the last year we have run eight distinct projects under the following titles:

1.            Gaza Summer Camp

2.            Our Right To Play

3.            Our Health In Our Hands

4.            We Deserve A better Life

5.            Psychological Support

6.            Open Days

7.            Field Trips

8.            Gaza Summer Camp 2

We have just wrapped Gaza Summer Camp 2. Our next initiative is to provide backpacks for 85 schoolchildren in preparation for the coming term and to secure the rent on our building for the next six months. So we are aiming to raise $4,800.

We do not have governmental assistance, we do not get support from NGOS- what we have is you. Time and again we have asked online for help for the projects above and, every time, you have helped us raise what is needed. 


Note: you can see pictures and videos related to our previous works at:

1. Pictures:

A. Gaza Summer Camp(2):

B. Our Right To Play:

C. Our Health In Our Hands:

D. Field Trip:

2. Videos:

For any further information , please contact us at: 

Fayez: 00970599992921-00970598699046 or via email,

So thank you, again.

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Support HPFFC to keep running this center

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Children are the future

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Children Deserve A better life

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Thank you for Beleiving in Children

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