Running Boston Marathon 2 raise $ for Refugees!

It is my dream to run the oldest and most prestigious Marathon! I promised myself that if I ever do get this honor; I want to fundraise 4 refugees!

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Boston Dream Come true:

Its been my DREAM to run the World Major and oldest, most prestigious Marathon, The Boston Marathon! I promised myself that if that dream ever came true, and if I ever had the honor of running this Amazing Marathon; I'd run it to raise money for  Refugees. Back in December I emailed several charities for this very purpose. The BAA then informed me that I had past the deadline to apply via charity to run Boston. Soon after I gave up hope and thought, "well maybe it wasn't meant to be this year". But alas!  I receive an email from Hylands, a major Sponsor of the Boston Marathon, INVITING me on their all female team, to run this incredible marathon! The team is made up of diverse and strong women of all fitness levels and backgrounds in honor of the 50th year anniversary of Kathrine Switzer’s historic run as the first Woman to run Boston. 

If I'm going to run to raise money for a cause I want it to be meaningful, sincere, personal, with deep beliefs and purpose for that cause; one of which I can identify with seeing as how my parents immigrated here 35 years ago! I want to give back, and address the dire situation of the lack of support to the refugees especially in the marathoning sport. (I’ve run 6 marathons in two years, 14 half marathons, 2 sprint triathlons). Running is my passion. I would be honored to run this world major in support of such a dire cause. With recent tragic displacement of several thousand Syrian Refugees here in the States,  and few hundred families settled in our backyards here in Michigan, I thought to myself how could I not help??

Running Boston 4 Syrian Refugees!!

I am incredibly honored, and thankful to Boston Marathon and Hylands for reaching out to and inviting me. In turn, I want to give back!  I am asking for your generous donations to help Support refugees here locally, in my home state, Michigan.

The funds will go to SARN-syrian American Rescue Network, a non political, non religious, and 501c charity based in Michigan. 

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Of the 20 million refugees flooding the world today, 1 in 4 is Syrian. They are the heartbreaking victims of the six year turmoil that has torn the country apart.To date, the U.S. has welcomed 10,000 refugees - close to 1,500 of them have been resettled in Michigan. Resettlement agencies issue a one-time $925 stipend per person upon arrival. Once this money runs out, they are expected to be self-sufficient. Unfortunately, this money is not nearly enough to cover expenses such as rent, utilities, transportation, food, and clothing.The Syrian American Rescue Network (SARN) provides refugees the support necessary to pick up the pieces and rebuild the lives they left behind. SARN has been working tirelessly to ensure the road to self-sufficiency and cultural integration is a rapid and successful one.

About SARN: 

SARN has secured homes for over 60% of Syrian refugees. Furnishing refugees' homes with in-kind donations and assisting with managing utility services. 70% of refugee households in Metro Detroit hold paying jobs found through SARN networks. SARN develops and coordinates ESL classes, babysitting programs, and cultural orientation. We provide a community and network of emotional, mental health and social support through counseling, therapies, and social events.

PLEASE spread the word about my fundraising efforts! Every little helps!