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It is not easy, it is not easy to be a Muslim today. At one point in time people could look to us and be inspired by our ethics, our style, and our legacy. However, at the turn of the millennium we have found that there is a growing opposition against our religion, yet our response remains stagnant. We are unable to move and unable to do. Our Muslim youth are being asked harder questions, and they themselves are starting to question whether the answers even exist.

Sadly, with the advancement of technology our voices are being lost amongst the sea of terrorism, violence, and cruelty that the world continues to shine a spotlight on and chooses to use as a definition of Islam. Ultimately, we, the real Muslims, have to face the consequences; although,“hiding” might be a better description of what we end up doing. Our Muslim youth hide their faces, their voices, and their identity to avoid the consequences of contemporary issues, and as a result our legacy is lost. 


Everything anyone needs to educate themselves and to equip themselves to answer the harder questions and to face contemporary issues will be found on our website, askQuran.com. Our website will provide a platform for our Muslim ummah to talk about contemporary issues in a safe academic environment, and knowledgeable people from our ummah will be able to collaborate and build resources that will address these issues. This platform will be built in 2 stages:

Stage 1: A world class mobile-friendly website will be built.

Stage 2: All existing resources in the Western and Arab world will be researched. And, scholars and thinkers around the world will be invited to write about the issues.

Arabic is the key to  every Islamic science and without it a lasting change cannot happen, making it necessary for everyone to learn and acquire it. 

The platform will host a complete program called Arabic Through Stories that comes with a vision and roadmap. The program will teach the language through 100s of stories starting from simple to advanced levels. This approach has never been tried before to teach Arabic. 

The program comes with free downloadable books with captivating activities.

We need your support because we believe a world class platform will not bring about the change if it is not free and available for everyone and everywhere.

However, building such a world class platform requires massive resources. We pray and hope that you will support us in building this platform that will be the Launchpad for the Islamic revival.

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