READ Foundation's School For Needy & Orphan Children

Construction of a brand new school for 400 children from poverty-stricken refugee families in Basnara Village, Pakistan Administered Kashmir.

Pakistan Education

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Update - June 24, 2017

Thank you to everyone who has supported our campaign with Sh Yasir. Your combined efforts have been incredible and have resulted in our appeal reaching it's target within half of the time that was originally allocated. We're amazed, humbled and grateful! 

We've decided to keep the appeal going and any further monies raised above the $300k target will be used to sponsor orphan children in Basnara Village to give them the opportunity to go to school insha'Allah.

The Best Investment

Successful business people build their businesses with a keen eye on the return on their investment. Giving charity is no different, which is why we present an excellent opportunity for you to invest in the construction of a new school.

Your investment will benefit 400 orphaned and needy children, a large proportion of whom are from poverty-stricken refugee families. However, the beneficial return on your investment continues, as described in the following prophetic statement:

When a man passes away, all of his good deeds come to an end except three; perpetual charity, knowledge that people benefit from, and righteous children that pray for him.

Supporting the construction of Basnara School can tick all three of the criteria detailed in the quoted saying by the prophet (pbuh). Plus, the return on your investment is perpetual over generations of children who will study at the school you help build.

Imagine the impact that you can have on the children in this school, and the communities that they will go out into when they have completed their education. We know that education has a transformative effect on lives, as it empowers children, giving them new opportunities to excel and develop a better future for themselves.

This is your opportunity to make a lasting difference to the children in this community for generations to come, whilst earning an immense amount of divine blessings and reward for yourself.

Basnara School: The Vision

Key Features

The project will deliver:

  1. A new school building measuring approximately 8000 sqft, with enough capacity to accommodate 400 children in kindergarten, primary and junior secondary (middle) grades.
  2. Brand new fully furnished classrooms and staff-rooms, as well as safe drinking water and washroom facilities.
  3. A science laboratory fully equipped with new scientific instruments and learning aids.
  4. An information technology suite consisting of brand new computer equipment, accessories, and software.
  5. Solar panels and battery system to generate renewable energy for the school building.
  6. Protective steel fencing surrounding all of the school premises.
  7. Additional teaching aids and materials to support the children’s learning.

Project Objectives

The main objectives of the project are:

  • To impart a high standard of education to the orphaned and needy children of Basnara within an enhanced learning environment.
  • To empower the children of Basnara to become well rounded individuals, equipped with the skills and aspiration to avail opportunities for a better life.
  • To alleviate the poverty of the families of the children by relieving them of the responsibility of meeting their children’s educational expenses.

Project Beneficiaries

The project will benefit the following:

Beneficiary ProfileBenefit TypeNumber
Boys and girls between the ages of 5 and 14 years, studying at the schoolDirect400
Teaching and support staffDirect17
Construction contractors, labourers, and material suppliersDirect19
Families of the children, and wider communityIndirect7500

Budget Breakdown

Seismic Compliance

The school is designed within earthquake protection guidelines, as Basnara lies within Seismic Zone 4, which is the highest category of seismic activity. The following are some of the architectural plans.

Basnara School: The Current Reality

READ Foundation started its school at Basnara in 2002 as a direct response to the unfolding refugee emergency at the time. Total enrolment opened with 23 students, whilst today the school’s population comprises 142 boys and 138 girls from kindergarten through to eighth grade.

The school building was originally constructed as a temporary structure to house refugee families, but has been in operation as a school now for almost 20 years. During that time, the facilities have become woefully inadequate in promoting a healthy and productive learning environment. There are no water and sanitation facilities which forces inconsistent attendance in pubescent girls. Plus, the lack of electricity leaves most classrooms dark making it difficult for children to properly engage and learn during class.

About Basnara Village

Basnara, located approximately 130km, or a three and half hour drive, north of Pakistan’s capital Islamabad, is a shanty settlement whose population has seen explosive growth thanks in-part to an influx of refugee families fleeing conflict from across the border.

$75 USD

Furniture & Teaching Materials For One Child

Your support provides a different child every academic year with the use of comfortable furniture and quality teaching materials. You will receive photos of the children in school.

598 claimed

$605 USD

Create One Classroom Space

Your support creates one classroom space that will be used by a different child every academic year throughout the life of the school. You will receive photos of the school.

129 claimed

$2300 USD

Equip A Classroom

Your support purchases furniture and teaching materials to equip a class of children. You will receive photos of the children using the equipment.

11 of 13 claimed

$7500 USD

Build A Half Classroom

The classroom is named after you and a co-sponsor with a plaque featuring both your names. You will receive photos of the classroom.

3 of 26 claimed

$15000 USD

Build A Full Classroom

The classroom is named after you with a plaque featuring an inscription of your choice. You will receive photos of your classroom.

2 of 13 claimed