Spread Freedom from a Principled Islamic Perspective

Freedom and liberty are not exclusively Western ideas. Muslims have an ancient claim to this legacy as well. Help Muslims be a part of the liberty movement.

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Here’s your chance to help educate both Muslims and Non-Muslims about freedom, liberty and tolerance from a principled Islamic perspective. Muslims4Liberty is at the forefront of challenging misconceptions and stereotypes, and also confronting Islamophobia head-on. Now more than ever is the time to act.

Muslims4Liberty (M4L) needs to raise money so we can sponsor exhibition booths and speaking slots at the leading freedom events in America. This allows us to interact one-on-one with people in the liberty movement, some of whom have never met Muslims before, and allows us to address peoples misconceptions about Islam and Muslims. In the current anti-Muslim environment, it's important to have a visible presence within the liberty community; It's important to be at the forefront with those who advocate for less government and more freedom. Let us not continuously defeat ourselves by empowering corrupt governments. Governments are not the solutions to our problems. Rather, the solution lies in personal responsibility, voluntary associations, mutual cooperation, local efforts, charity and non-aggression against others. This is the natural and prophetic way, and this is a message of liberty.  

Changing the hears and minds of people doesn't come from protests, condemnations, legislation (i.e. hate-crime laws, etc), or website and facebook posts. Rather it comes from personal one-on-one interactions where we take the time to explain our position to others and to build real relationships. This is your chance to counter the negative stereotypes against Muslims by enabling Muslims4Liberty to publicly and visibly advocate for freedom and liberty.

A Lost Legacy

Some Americans who advocate freedom and liberty tend to be people who have misinformed or negative views of Islam and Muslims. Also, many Muslims think that concepts of freedom and liberty are exclusively American or Western ideas. 

Both groups of people don't realize that Islam actually introduced concepts of freedom long before these ideas developed and spread in the West. Muslims have a long history of participating in the human struggle for freedom. We must lay claim to this lost legacy, and we must also counter the misinformation about Islam that is so prevalent among both Muslims and non-Muslims.

Spreading Freedom and Liberty from an Islamic perspective

Muslims4Liberty (M4L) is on the forefront of taking an Islamic message of freedom to a wide spectrum of people. We engage with the liberty community, as well as with tea-partiers, and right-wingers among others – on their own turf. We present an authentic and mainstream image of Islam; and we don’t shy away from pointing out the injustices that are perpetrated by both Muslims and non-Muslims.

In just a few years, Muslims4Liberty has attended and given speeches in dozens of liberty and freedom events around America. M4L is constantly challenging the conversations in the liberty community from one of suspicion about Islam and Muslims, to one of calling Muslims their brothers and sisters in liberty. Yes we do encounter people at these events who have Islamophobia (fear of Islam) and Islamomisia (hatred of Islam); But more often than not, most people we encounter are eager to hear our message and are thankful that they were able to interact with Muslims.

Some Muslims4Liberty accomplishments are:

[Note: Donating to M4L is NOT a political donation. Our work is da'wa and advocacy oriented]

The presence of M4L in the liberty community has played an important role in countering the anti-Islam narrative that is pushed by some people. M4L representatives provide the liberty community and liberty activists, access to Muslims who can give the information and resources needed to build bridges of understanding. 

M4L cofounder Will Coley hosts a weekly Muslim radio show named the "Call to Freedom", which is broadcast on LRN.fm. Reputable Muslim scholars who have appeared on the  show to discuss Islam, liberty-related, and controversial topics include: Imam Zaid Shakir, Sheikh Yasir Qadhi, Imam John Yahya Ederer, and Sheikh Joe Bradford among others. 


M4L needs funds to reserve booths and speaking slots at the leading freedom and liberty events around America. We need to have a professional appearance, get the word out, and purchase literature and food for free distribution at each of these events. We need your support and prayers!

Events from 2016 included the Libertarian National Convention in Orlando Florida on Memorial weekend (May 27-30), Porcupine Freedom Festival in New Hampshire (June 19-26) where M4L gave out thousands of free iftar meals over a one-week period, Freedom Fest in Las Vegas Nevada which took place in mid-July, as well as many other events throughout the year. 

Our estimated expenses for 2017 events are as follows:

  • Qurans and Islamic literature for free distribution: $1000+
  • Ramadan Meals for free distribution at Porcupine Festival: $1500
  • Advertising material: $1500
  • Porcupine Freedom Festival site (i.e. Porcfest): $500
  • Freedom Fest booth: $1000
  • LibertyFest NYC: $500
  • Other Leading Liberty Events Around the Country: $2500
  • Limited travel expenses

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The Prophetic Model

The prophet Muhammad (pbuh) never forced anyone to believe in God, and he never forced anyone to become Muslim. People became Muslim not only because they were convinced of the truth of his teachings, but they were also impressed by his pristine character and his moral uprightness.

The prophet Muhammad (pbuh) also shunned power and shunned the politics of control. When the polytheists of Makkah offered him power and wealth, he (pbuh) continuously turned it down. The prophets mission was to convince people to accept his teachings, and he was to never force his teachings upon people.

“So remind, for indeed you are a reminder to them. You are not tasked to control them” Qur’an 88:21

Muslims have an obligation to live up to this prophetic model. We cannot force our way of life upon others. And Muslims must condemn any force, coercion or violence that is used to spread the religion and its teachings.

Islam teaches Freedom and Tolerance

“There is no compulsion in religion...” Qur’an 2:256

“God does not prevent you from from being kind and just towards those who have not fought you over religion, and have not driven you out of your homes. Indeed God loves those who act justly.” Qur’an 60:8

“To you is your religion, and to me is my religion” Qur’an 109:6

These are just some verses in the Qur’an which teach Muslims the importance of treating others with respect, giving people space to develop their own ideas, and allowing people to pursue God in their own way. The Qur’an is a blueprint for Muslims to practice and advocate freedom, liberty and tolerance. God is the Judge on the Day of Judgment, not Muslims. Therefore, the job of the Muslim is to follow the prophetic model by simply relaying the message of Islam, and by teaching others about Islam in a wise and intelligent way. And as is stated in more than one place in the Qur’an: “So whoever wills, let him believe; And whoever wills, let him disbelieve...” Qur’an 18:29


Cooperation, Non-Aggression and Natural Rights


Islam teaches its followers the importance of keeping ones word and of honoring agreements. Islam also teaches concepts of shura (consultation), a’hd (commitment), meethaq (pact), ittifaaq (agreement), amaanah (trust), and a’qd (contract). These are components related to what are known today as “social justice”, “voluntarism”, and “free markets”; And these are also the components needed to create a peaceful society.

It is important for Muslims to reconnect with these important concepts when dealing with each other and when dealing with non-Muslims.


The early Muslim community was an entirely voluntary experience. There was no “state” or “government” which forced people to become Muslim or to follow Islamic rules or laws. Muslims were people who pursued the pleasure of God by voluntarily submitting to the rules of God as taught by the Qur’an and as taught by the example of the prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

The Muslim community during the prophetic era lived side-by-side with other religious communities who were at peace with them. The Muslims never commenced acts of aggression against others. They never initiated force or violence when propagating the religion. In the Qur'an, God did not permit them to fight others unless those others fought them first. And if they did have to fight, then God also commanded the Muslims to seek peace by all means – even in the heat of self-defense, and even when they were the stronger party.

Non-aggression is the underlying principle that governs peoples community and social relationships. We're taught from an early age that we must be kind and considerate, and not aggressive or hostile, to the people we interact with. The non-aggression principle is an inherent part of the Islamic religion because Islam teaches that good character is a reflection of a good understanding of religion. Muslims must re-familiarize themselves with this concept, and import it into all aspects of their lives.

Natural Rights:

Many people in the West are familiar with the inalienable rights of “life, liberty, and property”. As stated by the American Declaration of Independence, these rights have been granted by God Himself; And accordingly, not even government can take those rights away.

Muslims have a similar tradition of natural rights that predates Western natural rights by centuries; These Islamic natural rights are called “maqasid al shariah” (the goals of Islamic law). The maqasid were developed and discussed by classical Muslim scholars from as early as the 12th century. In its earliest form, these Islamic rights are the right of “life, intellect, religion, property, and lineage”. According to Muslim scholars, these are sacred rights of all human beings. No one is allowed to violate the rights of others, and each person is entrusted by God so as to not violate these rights on themselves.

By respecting the Islamic natural rights, Muslims can embody the spirit of mercy and justice in their lives.


Muslims4Liberty is an organization primarily of American Muslims who are committed to advancing the cause of liberty from a principled and Islamic perspective. M4L combines education, charity, outreach, activism, voluntaryism and other avenues that can contribute to our mission. Our mission is to explore and educate others about the striking parallels between Islam and libertarian thought; and to correct misconceptions about Islam, Muslims and about the liberty movement in general.

M4L is not limited to a single school of Islamic jurisprudence, theology or interpretation. We are a non-denominational group of Muslims who try to practice what we preach. And we are united in our focus on the Quranic principles and the prophetic methodology which ensure the preservation of human liberty and dignity. Cooperation and consent is how we achieve our social goals, and not by using coercion and force.

Muslims4Liberty has informal chapters around America and around the world (in countries like Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, Malaysia, and more). Visit the Muslims4Liberty website as well as our facebook page to keep up with our posts and activities.

May Allah guide us all, and reward you for your support.



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