Help build a unique playground in the inner city!

Help Jami Masjid and Universal School build a large, innovative, outdoor play space in the inner city that will welcome ALL children.

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Update #3 - The rubber surface design is in!  

Last week, we received new updated plans of our design!  These plans show a vibrant rubber surface pattern, a fence, a matching swing set and more!  We are continuously working to enhance and improve our play space to the utmost best space it can possibly be!  Please take a look at the updated photos.  We hope you like the progress so far!  They are not final.  We are still constantly working to add equipment and make it even better!  
Masaajid all across the nation have the unique ability to provide a powerful impact on their surrounding community.  We believe when others are in need, it is our responsibility to respond to their call within our capacity.  This is part of the beautiful prophetic vision.  Jami Masjid is continuously looking for ways to give back and respond proactively.  Our donors and supporters deserve to know that we work hard to live up to their expectations and we do not ever plan to give up striving for positive change.  

All people should find peace, happiness, love and care when they visit a place of worship.  Refugees and others who may feel hopeless, should feel a sense of hope when they take their first steps into a new masjid.  


" Make a Smile" for our little neighbor, four year old, Sham, who is named after her home city.  "Make a Smile" for her three brothers who sometimes still look up into the sky in fear when a plane is overhead.  Moreover, "Make a Smile" for their mother who found new friends at Jami masjid, for all the other children of refugee families in our community, and for all children who have stories and with a little hope, they smile again.


Update #2 - Our efforts have caught the attention of local news!  Check it out:

"We need something here that’s not only gonna brighten up the space, but brighten up the lives of the kids that are going to be served by something like this. "

Let's keep it going!  Donate today!

Update #1 - Launching Phase 2

Due to such a high response and demand for the project, we have reached our goal in record time!!!  We would like to thank each and every one of those who have contributed.  From such a great community response, our team understood that we need to keep going, we can't stop here!  We are going to set out for phase two, which will include a full swing set and will help us cover a high galvanized chain link fence with two gates to surround the playground.  With your increased support, we will be able to take our project to the next level and enhance it further to be one of the best outdoor play spaces in the city!  Let's keep it up!!!  


Jami Masjid and Universal School have been blessed to serve GROWING numbers of underprivileged, inner-city and refugee children.  The amount of kid traffic on our property has increased by at least 50% in the past year! Increasing numbers of children come out to shoot hoops and play on our property because they know it is safe.  To some, it is their second home  We are ready to take the next step!

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Join us as we embark on a "Make a Smile" campaign to spread love through play.  We are working with landscape architects to design a large, high-quality playground. This is what our children need!  

We intend to build an innovative and state-of-the-art playground that will give our children a chance to gain back their childhood through play.  Due to the positive experiences through our outreach and community programs, we have established a strong relationship with local children and teens. They come to play, while respecting and preserving the property. We are confident that this play space will be loved, valued, and maintained.


Providing a unique play opportunity for our children, unlike any other in the neighborhood, is a great way for us to show our love and care for our future of tomorrow.  Our play space will serve underprivileged children who are at risk of getting involved in detrimental street culture ( i.e., drugs, violence and/or gang involvement), which persists in the inner-city streets of Buffalo, NY.  Involvement with street drugs, violence, and/or gangs leads to depression, anxiety, addictions, and even death.   It is our responsibility to protect future generations of children from the negative impact of today's societal diseases and pressures.  InshaAllah (God willing) , this playground will have the potential to act as a safe haven.  

Moreover, with the advent of technology, it has become even more crucial that we offer children healthier ways to play!  According to Digital Trends, approximately 91% of the children today are at home playing video games, surfing on the computer, and watching television.

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Lastly, this is an opportunity for all of us to help bring a bright and shining smile to the faces of the increasing population of refugee children, many of whom may have lost their homes and/or their family members. 

We need your help to succeed! Let's create a new outdoor play space in order to build a better America for our future generations!  

Support us as we strive to replace unhealthy outlets to healthy play coupled with love and smiles.  YOU can be a part of the change!

This project is in memory of Ilyas Abdulle, a recent graduate of Universal School.  Ilyas was known to always have a smile.  May the smiles that this project brings be a source of an everlasting smile on Ilyas. - Ameen.  

100% of funds raised will go towards the building of our outdoor play space. 

Our goal of forty thousand will pay for a large, solid play structure featuring two slides, a bridge and multiple climbing features and three additional freestanding play add-ons. The play-space ground will be complete with poured in place rubber surfacing to ensure innovation, quality and safety.

 It is our hope that with your help we will have our new playground up and running by this Eid, as our gift to the children!  

Finishing pictures of the playground bi'ithnillah will be posted to our website for all donors to view, inshaAllah!

To see examples of the work and service we have led in the past for our local community please watch these videos!  Support the good and donate today!

To view our website please see

We thank you in advance for your generosity and support, may it be accepted in the highest of courts as a great Sadaqa Jariya! - Ameen 



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