Help us Educate Muslim Minorities in every corner of the Earth: The Launch of IlmPath Academy Online

Join us as we strive to educate thousands of young where quality Islamic education is not easily accessible, and benefit by learning from anywhere, anytime!

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"Imagine a world where you as a Muslim, wherever you live on this planet, are able to reach the top in this life and the hereafter by mastering self development, family skills, learning lessons from history, and having a firm ground in Islamic sciences. That is my life mission, to make you, and every Muslim the most succesful!" - Dr. Waleed Hakeem (Founder of Ilm Path Academy)

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Exciting Update: Anyone who donates 35 or more receives our first course for free insha'Allah.

As a Muslim growing up in a small town in the West, I had to struggle to keep my faith, as it was difficult to find any quality Islamic Education locally, but now, Ilm Path Online Academy is just about to change that insha'Allah!

The number of Muslims in the West is growing exponentially, and the demand for Islamic education is far outweighing the supply!

Throughout my travels to 100+ countries, I have visited many towns and villages where Muslims don't have access to quality education about their religion. Young Muslims especially, are losing their religion due to lack of proper knowledge. I was able to teach there for some time Alhamdulillah, and I did it from my modest life savings, but many times I get asked the question "when can you come back and teach us more?!". This hasn't been always easy, as many are hungry for knowledge, and the demand far outweighs the supply, so the only solution that came to my mind was, instead of travelling to them, they can come and learn online anytime and from any location!

For this reason, we are about to offer to you this exciting list of courses insha'Allah: 

We aim to provide the highest Quality of Visual Slides and Video Recording insha'Allah!

What is the story of Ilm Path Academy?

Since 2008, we took it as our responsibility to teach Muslim minorities in the West, and Allah has helped us to teach in the following countries: UK, Malaysia, China, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, Italy, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Czech, Egypt, Korea, Australia and many many others, but we came to realize, especially after visiting the small towns of Muslims in Europe and North America, that many Muslims don't have access to quality education, and the only way to reach them is to move our course library online. This is where your role comes in to help us reach you wherever you are insha'Allah!

Why you want to study at Ilm Path? 

As our student, you can earn a certificate on a course-by-course basis, rather than having to take a full Bachelour, Masters, or Phd, which only suits a few committed in today's busy fast-paced world. This allows more flexibility in learning and teaching!

Who is the founder of Ilm Path Academy?

Sheikh Dr. Waleed Hakeem from Canada, known as "The Traveling Imam", has journeyed to more than 100+ countries in all 6 continents around the globe spreading the message of Islam & Personal Development Training, from the villages of China, to the arctic North of Norway, to the jungles of South America, he can draw the world map from memory! He has a a B.A & Masters in Fiqh of Hadeeth (Islamic Studies), Masters in Training and Development,  and a Phd in Training from an Islamic Perspective. He was previously a professor at Almaghrib Institute and Alkauthar, before deciding to travel and teach on his own!

Be part of a Continuous Charity that Keeps giving even after you die insha'Allah!

"When the son of Adam dies, all their deeds are halted except for three: 1- A continuous charity  2- Knowledge that benefits others  3- A righteous child that prays for them" Prophet Muhammed peace be upon him.

By contributing to this project, insha'Allah you will receive ALL THREE mentioned in the Hadeeth, as this is a continuous charity of knowledge that benefits others, and the students will always pray for you insha'Allah!

Help us take our Ummah to the Top Again!

By offering the best Islamic Education combined with the highest quality Life Skills Training, we will create a generation of strong Muslims who are able to be exemplary community members and contribute positively to society, and you will be part of this movement insha'Allah! 

Don't wait! Be part of the Founding Members of Ilm Path Academy Online by clicking "Support" NOW!

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A flower: Follow the Progress of Ilm Path

With this symbolic contribution, we will add you to our email list so you could receive valuable articles, videos, and course updates insha'Allah!. Feel free to type your suggestions too!

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Help us Build a Legacy

No amount is ever too small in the eyes of Allah. Your donation will help in providing quality Islamic education. *** Bonus: Receive a 20% off coupon code on our first course ***

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(SOLD OUT!) Receive the Gift of Knowledge: Our First Course for Free! (Early Bird)

For a LIMITED TIME, anyone who donates 25 or more, will receive our first Ilm Path course for FREE, including videos, textbook, and powerpoint slide!

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Receive the Gift of Knowledge: Our First Course for Free! (REGULAR)

NEW: Anyone who donates 35 or more, will receive our first Ilm Path course for FREE, including videos, textbook, and powerpoint slide!

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Receive a DOUBLE gift!

Those who donate 50 will get two gifts: 1- The first course for free. 2- A 20% off coupon to use on any future course, or to gift to another person!

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Plant a Seed of Knowledge

"If the final hour comes and one of you has a seedling in their hands, then let them plant it". Prophet Muhammed. By planting this seed of knowledge, you will keep receiving the reward until the final hour insha'Allah! *** BONUS: Receive the first course for free PLUS a 20% off coupon, plus sponsor students in need ***

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Sponsor a Class of 10 Students

We started this campaign with the target of 100x250. If we can get 100 sponsors donating 250 each, then our fundraising would be complete insha'Allah. Become a part of history now! *** BONUS: Receive the first course for free PLUS a 20% off coupon to use or share ***

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Plant a Continuous Charity Tree! (Suggest a course)

The gift of knowledge keeps giving forever, and every time those students apply what they learned, the reward grows in your scale of deeds insha'Allah! *** BONUS: You get to decide one of our course topics! Plus the first course free and a 20% coupon

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£1000 GBP

Produce a Textbook for 1 Course

Each course needs a textbook that compliments the online videos and powerpoint slides. Student often print the book and refer to it long after the course is over, thus increasing your continuous charity insha'Allah. Your name (or a family member) will be printed in the book credits insha'Allah, prompting students to pray for you.

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£1500 GBP

Produce Videos and Powerpoint Slides for 1 Class

Help us shoot, create, edit, and produce the videos for 1 course, including the embedded PowerPoint slides. Your name will be mentioned in the course credits.

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£2500 GBP

Produce One Full Course (Videos, PowerPoint, & Textbook)

This is the cost of producing one full course, end to end, from research, to recording, to editing, to designing the textbook. Your name will be mentioned in the course credits, asking students to pray for you or a family member of your choice.

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£5000 GBP

Founding Member of Ilm Path Academy

Your name will be mentioned as a founding member of Ilm Path Academy, prompting students to pray for you and remember your legacy insha'Allah.

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£10000 GBP

Business Sponsorship

The name of your Halal business will be mentioned in the About us section, with a link to your site. A chance for infinite Barakah insha'Allah!

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