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CAIR-AZ Is Pushing Back Against Hate


With only a few days left - we're getting down to the wire!  Here are a few things we have set in motion:
New website for this project:  Click Here:

On the website, we will be providing a platform for updating the public on Islamophobic bias, and telling the stories of those most affected by this hate.  It is vital to tell these stories, therefore a platform like this is much needed and timely.  Contributing to this project can make this the best platform possible!

In just a 3 days, our Twitter has blossomed into over 1,000 followers!  This means that your help can back a campaign that will provide consistent, trustworthy coverage to a huge societal issue.  There is a demand for #HateHurts - so let's make this the best project possible!

Why it Matters 

Right now, we are experiencing peak levels of Islamophobia all over the world.  From an ever-growing list of attacks against mosques and reports of harassment and hate crime - it is clear that there needs to be in place institutions who can stand strong against this bigotry.

The effects of Islamophobia are many.  Muslim kids are being bullied at higher rates than the rest of the population.  Many individuals are more conscious about out in public for fear of harassment.  This type of net psychological effect can only hinder a community, therefore we need programs in place to empower the youth and educate others about what Islamophobia is all about.

The Project

In 2015, CAIR-AZ has been at the forefront in the global conversation on Islamophobia.  This year alone, we have been featured in hundreds of media outlets - discussing some of the most troubling trends of bigotry in our time.  On May 29th, an armed hate group held an anti-Islam rally outside a local mosque.  This was repeated on October 10th.  With mosque incidents and bullying at record levels - CAIR-AZ provides a vital function in educating the public through a variety of outlets:

Know Your Rights Seminars - Educating the community on their rights when dealing with law enforcement.

Islamophobia Presentations - At Islamic Centers and Interfaith Institutions across the Valley.

Anti-Bullying Presentations - at schools across the Valley

Additionally, our constant presence helps diffuse much of the anti-Muslim bigotry that is being perpetuated through the media.

In 2016, we want to put the focus on 4 major initiatives that will impact the public greatly.

CAIR-AZ has become a reliable institution in standing up in the realm of Islamophobia - whether its through our work in the media:

Or through our local organizing - including the Feed Their Legacy campaign, in the aftermath of the tragic Chapel Hill Shootings:

Muslim Capitol Day 

CAIR-AZ has been at the forefront of civic engagement for the local Muslim community.  For the past 4 years, we have taken part in Muslim Day on Capitol Hill in Washington DC, meeting with our community's elected officials on issues that affect us the most.  This has been a great program at building relationships with these Congressional offices, letting them know their Muslim constituents count.

In 2016, we are aiming to introduce the first ever Muslim Day at the Arizona State Capitol.  During this program, we will be bringing our community to meet state representatives, in the spirit of civic engagement. During this time, community members will get to know who represents them, be trained on how to effectively hold district meetings, as well as programs geared toward the younger generation.

Muslim Youth Leadership Symposium (MYLS)

As an extension of the Arizona Muslim Capitol Day initiative, we hope to introduce a nationally successful program - known as the Muslim Youth Leadership Initiative (MYLS.) 

This program allows for youth from the local Muslim community to be selected to attend special training sessions, become engaged with the political process and hold a mock legislature in the State Capitol.  In various states where these programs have taken place - it has served as a springboard for many youth to pursue careers in the areas of: Law, Journalism, Political Science and Non-Profit work. 

CAIR-AZ is on the front lines of the community, when it comes to providing opportunities for new leaders to become empowered to serve their community.  By helping fund this project, you will ensure that the next generation is equipped with the tools to become leaders in the area of civic engagement.

We take pride in getting the younger generation involved with our initiatives, whether its volunteering at events, doing outreach - and providing vital trainings for the community:

2016 Conference on Islamophobia

CAIR-AZ has been dedicated to bringing the highest level thought leaders and speakers to the Valley.  With Islamophobia at peak levels, it is vital to have an event centered around the issues the community is facing, while bringing forth experts to come up with solutions.

We are planning on bringing in experts from the areas of:



Elected Office

In 2014 and 2013, we were able to put on similar conferences that were well received - bringing in top-notch speakers and investigative journalists from all over the country.  There has never been a more opportune time for such an event, so consider giving to help fund this project.

2014 Conference:

2013 Conference:

2016 Islamophobia Report

As mentioned earlier, the state of Islamophobia in Arizona is of particular concern.  There have been two armed mosque protests that have taken place in 2015 alone.  Multiple cases of vandalism against institutions have been reported, along with unprecedented levels of bullying and harassment. Additionally anti-Islam trainings taking place for law-enforcement - which can result in biased policing against our community.  

It is vital that we produce a localized Islamophobia Report - that can document these instances in an academic and professional manner.  This report will be shared with government agencies, universities, schools and the interfaith community.  

By helping us produce such a report - the outcome can be huge.  We are already seeing a great deal of traction in the aforementioned institutions, when it comes to their willingness to combat hate.  Producing high-level studies can only expedite this process and make this a reality.

How You Can Help

2015 Is Coming To A Close!

By donating $100, $20 or even as little as $5 - you can make a huge impact on helping push back against hate.

Maximize your tax-deduction, while making an immeasurable impact on the Arizona Muslim Community.  The tax exempt number for CAIR-AZ is 86-1045521.

Don't forget the swag!

We will also be giving our supporters some great gear - for helping out in this campaign.  So whether you want to just enjoy your daily cup of coffee - or wear one of our powerful shirts around town - you will truly represent the spirit of what this campaign is all about!

Can't Donate?  No problem - help spread the word!  Tell your friends and family.  Post on Twitter and Facebook.  E-mail them.  Even if 2 or 3 donate, this can make an huge impact in funding these initiatives.

But whatever you do:  Don't let this opportunity to help pass you by.  We can all make a difference, and push back against the rising tide of hate!

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