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We are MuslimARC.

It stands for the "Muslim Anti-Racism Collaborative.”

In late 2013, Michigan preacher Dawud Walid conducted a one-man social media campaign against the use of anti-Black racial slurs amongst Muslims. #DropTheAWord

Noting need and interest in greater collaborative efforts, Namira Islam, a Michigan-based Bangladeshi-American attorney with a background in human rights law, harnessed the tools of social media and email to bring together American Muslims of many backgrounds for the development of a Black History Month campaign to amplify voices. #BeingBlackAndMuslim

Soon, Margari Hill, an African-American adjunct professor, teacher, and writer in Muslim spaces, based then in Philadelphia, joined forces to discuss her long-term vision of tackling racism in Muslim communities through education and training, wondering whether now was the right time for a serious Muslim anti-racism effort. #Fortynine13

Within weeks of launching, MuslimARC’s campaigns went viral. MuslimARC developed into a nationwide, diverse community committed to championing Islam’s anti-racism ethics, with programming by Muslims for Muslims. #IAmMuslimARC

Since its premiere, MuslimARC has worked extensively to address and challenge racism within Muslim communities. Now, we need your support.

What is MuslimARC?

The Muslim Anti-Racism Collaborative (MuslimARC) is a multiracial virtual education and training organization that works on racial justice initiatives through anti-racism programming and online media campaigns.

The Three Purposes of MuslimARC are: 

● To provide anti-racism education to Muslim American communities through online resources, consulting, and training support 

● To offer services and resources to others interested in anti-racism work 

● To fulfill an advocacy role informing and persuading Muslim institutions and leaders of the value of diversity training and anti-racism work.

Why You Should Support MuslimARC

In the last year, MuslimARC has made a crucial impact across Muslim communities by amplifying the voices of those marginalized and excluded through engaging panels, trending social media campaigns, and youth workshops.

For a full list of our body of past and ongoing projects, please click here.

With your support, MuslimARC plans to expand and continue through:

1. Incorporation as a 501(c)(3) non-profit

In order to move forward, MuslimARC needs financial support through donors like you who are committed to social justice in Muslim communities and beyond. We are a 100% volunteer organization with no current paid staff, so every dollar and minute of your time will go a long way. In the short-term, we plan to recompense our committee leaders, members, and volunteers for their expenses and make our anti-racism work sustainable in the long-run by reaching out to individuals, grant-awarding institutions, and Muslim and non-Muslim organizations for funding.

2. Developing resources and creating educational material specifically for Muslim audiences 

In addition to events, thought pieces, and workshops all dedicated to amplifying the voices and struggles of those who face and seek to combat racism within Muslim communities, MuslimARC aims to integrate storytelling with education in pursuit of excellence in the inclusivity and openness of our mosques and community centers. In the coming months, we plan to roll out a series of anti-racism trainings monthly for Islamic schools and religious leaders. 

 3. Connecting with leading scholars on race, and partnering with other Muslim institutions 

MuslimARC is looking to position itself as a US-based Muslim think tank focused on anti-racism scholarship, conducting research, providing educational resources and giving policy recommendations that address and challenge racism within Muslim communities. The organization has plans to launch a certification-based system assessing ethnic and racial equity in Muslim institutions, and has already connected with several leading American Muslim scholars and speakers. The new “I Am MuslimARC” PSA teaser features some of our most beloved American Muslim leaders and activist, with the full PSA on anti-racism work to be released soon.

 4. Establishing a unique online volunteering system that includes members from all over the US and abroad. 

 MuslimARC is run by volunteers, from our Executive Director to our supporters on Twitter who retweet our hashtags. We plan to continue to hold anti-racism panels, conversations and workshops in Muslim communities and beyond to continue to amplify people’s stories, as well as to streamline ways to get more involved with MuslimARC and bring its benefits to your community.


LEARN MORE! Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page and become a Member here: http://www.muslimarc.org/join/ (but first, make sure to donate and spread the word with our hashtag #IAmMuslimARC.) Thank you!

And of His signs is the creation of the heavens and the earth and the diversity of your languages and your colors. Indeed in that are signs for those of knowledge. [30:22]

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