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For many, uncertainty can be a source of pain, and the need for answers is urgent - even critical.

But Imams receive hundreds of questions every day from a teen in crisis, an overwhelmed new Muslim, or a struggling parent.

Keeping up is impossible, so hundreds of Muslims go unanswered. An even greater loss is that they’re repeated questions that could have easily been answered.

Muslims, like everybody else, live on the go. So when a faith-based question arises, finding an Imam to ask isn’t that easy - and one who gets your Western context, even harder.

Wouldn’t it be great to have an assortment of Islamic scholars and teachers ready to respond? What if they were straight-to-the-point, just-what-you-needed answers sent to you by video every single day?

Better yet - what if you had a rich video portal of contemporary and pragmatic answers ready to view on demand?

Any question pertaining to Islam is game. Whatever your question, an expert is ready.

As we speak, a broad range of answers are already delivered:

  • Can I take medication while fasting?

  • What’s the ruling on fasting for breastfeeding/pregnant women?

  • My parents don’t like my hijab. What do I do?

  • Should I pray again if I remembered I didn’t have Wudu?

  • My spirituality has dropped since having kids. Is this normal?

  • Do I need Wudu to touch the Quran?

No question is too heavy or too trivial. Even these questions have been addressed:

  • How do you know God exists?

  • Is nationalism haram?

  • If Islam wasn’t spread by the sword, why so many battles?

  • How do we deal with racism?

FaithIQ is powered by AlMaghrib’s diverse instructor lineup and its team of expert videographers.

Get answers from:

  • Yasir Qadhi

  • Waleed Basyouni

  • Omar Suleiman

  • Abu Eesa Niamatullah

  • Yasmin Mogahed

  • Abdullah Hakim Quick

  • Yahya Ibrahim

  • and more…

Your support today will help FaithIQ:

  • Stay completely FREE and OPEN for everyone

  • Deliver answers faster and to more Muslims around the world

  • Produce top quality, interactive videos and material

  • Hire a dedicated team of professionals 

Your support today will specifically be used to hire professional resources to meet the need and reach more Muslims worldwide: 

  • Full-time research team

  • Dedicated support staff

  • Skilled videographers and post-production team

  • Professional studio equipment

  • Advanced website and app developers

 The teachers are world-renowned. The videos are top notch. The delivery is daily.

Yes! I want to help bring answers to more Muslims faster.

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