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Everyone's Voice Should Be Heard 

My name is Blair Imani and I am the Founder and Executive Director of Equality for HER. At Equality for HER, we believe that everyone should have a platform to tell their story. To achieve this mission we are fundraising to grow our unique media platform. We believe education and opportunity are the keys to fighting bigotry and ending oppression.

A Commitment to Inclusion 

I started Equality for HER in 2014 while I was enrolled in undergrad at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, LA. I created this organization because I felt like I was constantly forced to disregard parts of my identity to 'belong.' I never wanted anyone to feel that pain. The mission of inclusion became central to the mission of Equality for HER.

A Network of Global Partnerships

We have established partnerships with women's organizations around the world including Nigeria's Stand to End Rape initiative and the London based, Women Rock Science and our platform is continuing to grow.

As I connected with people around the world, I met Myam Mahmoud who encouraged me to explore the feminist aspects of Islam. Eventually, I would convert to Islam in May 2015.

In June 2016, Equality for HER partnered with filmmakers from the BBC and Smithsonian Institution to hold a live event called Femme Film Festival. 

A Vision for the Future

Equality for HER needs your support as we transition from an all-volunteer organization to a hybrid volunteer and staff model to support our efforts.

We aspire to: 

  • Publish a book from our series Femme's & Women's History Month
  • Continue to provide 100% free educational content
  • Hold conferences and teach-ins on college campuses around the world
  • Publish stories and articles online and pay our writers a competitive fee
  • Develop a mobile application for our platform
  • & more!

Help Equality for HER Grow

Campaign proceeds will go directly to the growth and development of Equality for HER. Insha'Allah a large portion of the funds raised will be allocated to compensating our contributors and staff for their labor. This includes our social media gurus, researchers, reporters, and artists. Your support is integral to the sustainable success of Equality for HER will benefit countless individuals who live at the intersection of various identities.  

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