Dream of Detroit Street Fair 2017

Chip in to a one of a kind community-building fair to help a group of Detroit Muslims revitalize our local neighborhood.

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Dream of Detroit is a Registered 501(c)(3), Tax ID 464246696.

The story of Detroit is often told in tragic terms--deindustrialization, a shrinking population, bankruptcy. But if you're from here, you know that's not the full story. This is a city full of creativity, toughness, and resilience--it's the renaissance city.

Our own neighborhood on the Westside of Detroit has been especially hard hit over the years. It's been a victim of job loss, of predatory banks, and even unfair city planning. But we believe that this once-thriving neighborhood can shine again--led by the sincere efforts of the local Muslim community. Our project is focused on people--moving in new families, bringing benefit to our neighbors who live here now, and improving lives through community development. In August, we'll celebrate the progress we've made and look toward the future together.

We could use your help to bring our community-building, fun-loving, something-for-everyone, family-friendly festival to life, God-willing!

A Street Fair to Build Community

In partnership with the Muslim Center, the HUDA Free Community Health Clinic, the HUDA Urban Garden, and the Detroit Repertory Theatre, our community organization, Dream of Detroit, will be hosting a street fair on Woodrow Wilson St.—the main commercial corridor in our target neighborhood—on beautiful day in August, God-willing.

The Dream of Detroit Street Fair will be an opportunity to share the beauty of our community, highlight and attract potential neighborhood businesses, and deepen relationships with both our local neighbors and supporters from around Detroit.

The fair will stretch two full city blocks with visitors—neighbors, friends, and Detroit-area Muslims—able to peruse a street market with some of the Detroit Muslim community’s most popular chefs and vendors, along with a range of family activities. Here’s what we’ll have:

  • Vendors either selling or giving away food or goods
  • An outdoor health fair where visitors can get health assessments done at no cost
  • Live performances in the parking lot of the Repertory Theatre
  • Community gardening tutorials and other activities
  • Inflatable bounce houses and an outdoor basketball tournament

We’ve been busy developing our volunteer leaders, beautifying our neighborhood, and figuring out how to scale our housing renovation work.

This fair is a chance bring the community out together to celebrate the progress we’ve made and for individuals and businesses alike get a glimpse at what’s coming, with God’s permission.

Although the short-term goal of the street fair is to provide vendors with an opportunity to showcase their products and services, the above picture is our vision for Woodrow Wilson St. in the future. We hope to see it lined with companies, housing a thriving business community that helps revive the neighborhood as a whole.

How Your Donation Can Help

Our goal is to raise $20,000 to fund the entire street fair and make it a free event for anyone who wants to attend. Every donation, no matter how small, is greatly appreciated.

Your donations will help to: 
  • Bring more than 500 people out two weeks before the festival to do some late-summer landscaping and clean up throughout our target area
  • Rent or purchase street fair activities for children and adults (inflatable structures, basketball rims, stages, etc.)
  • Provide the booths, tables, power supply, signage and advertising for each of our vendors
  • Promote the event all throughout Metro Detroit and even around the Midwest through strategic digital advertisement and worth of mouth
  • Ensure proper facilities (bathrooms, water stations, dumpsters, etc) and security are present at the event 

Neighborhood clean ups and home rehabilitations are extremely important but we know that cultivating a sustainable future for this community has to involve economic development.

This Dream of Detroit Street Fair 2017 will be a bridge to bringing businesses back into this area but we need your help to make the fair a reality.

More About Dream of Detroit

DREAM, as our startup nonprofit Dream of Detroit is often called, originally stood for a "Detroit Revival Engaging American Muslims.” We're a Muslim-led initiative that's combining community organizing with strategic housing and land development to revitalize our neighborhood around the Muslim Center of Detroit Mosque and Community Center.

Our neighborhood on the Westside of Detroit was hit especially hard by the shrinking auto industry and by the housing crash of 2008. Now, through hard work and physical labor, community outreach, and an extensive group of volunteers, we've started to carve out a unique role in rebuilding this community and fostering its growth.

DREAM now regularly hosts or coordinates several projects and programs to help our overall goal of building a thriving neighborhood and community:

  • Neighborhood Clean-up Days
  • Vacant Home Board-up Days
  • Community Potlucks
  • Islamic Financial Seminars
  • Neighborhood Open Houses
  • Community Organizing Workshops
  • Entrepreneur Training Programs
  • Establishing an Artists in Residence Program 

To learn more about our work or sign up to get involved, visit: dreamofdetroit.org

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