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Covering the Believers---Help Replace the Roof of Masjid Muhammad

Please help us raise $50,000 to replace the roof at Masjid Muhammad of Atlantic City. The Masjid continues to provide vital services to the community however, the building is in dire need of repair. The building suffered extensive damage from Superstorm Sandy in 2012 which brought wind gusts of over 100 miles per hour and flooded the inside of the mosque over three feet high. Thus, the roof of the building was severely damaged and continues to leak, causing damage to the interior ceiling and walls. We need your help to replace the roof.

Our Story

Our building is a great favor for the local community and larger Muslim community in the Northeast. In just the past year, hundreds of Muslims have learned at Masjid Muhammad from the many renowned scholars that have visited and taught at the facility. They included Shaykh Samir An-Nass of Syria, Shaykh AbdulKarim Yahya, Shaykhah Ieasha Prime, Shaykh Walead Mosaad, Shaykh Manzarul Islam Al-Ansari, and Imam Fode Drame. Additionally, the Masjid has served over 1,500 warm, home-style meals to local residents in a city where over one in three residents earn below federal poverty levels. And, we continue to offer regular Friday Jummu’ah service for over 200 congregants.

The Success of Our Last Campaign

With your generous donations from last year’s campaign (, we have been able to replace badly damaged and deteriorated heating and cooling units with three brand new units. The units have helped to provide a comfortable environment for the many people that come through our doors on a regular basis. This Ramadan, please help us replace the badly damaged roof.

Your Contribution Has an Impact!

No matter the size of your donation, every dollar you contribute would have a great impact. Remember, your donation will have everlasting reward (sadaqa jaariyah). You will earn blessings for every prayer, every bit of knowledge shared and every other worship performed here. Having a secure, repaired building will allow Masjid Muhammad of Atlantic City to continue to provide many services, including:

  • Teaching of Islamic Knowledge
  • Daily prayers and Jummuah Khutbah
  • New converts classes
  • Marital counseling
  • Wedding services
  • Funeral (Janaza) services

How You Can Help

Please help us with this project my making a donation, sharing this page on your social media accounts, and most of all by making du'a! All of your assistance is appreciated and we pray Allah rewards you greatly for your sincere efforts.

About Masjid Muhammad

Masjid Muhammad is a multi-cultural religious community established in the City of Atlantic City, New Jersey.  Our mission is to spread the beautiful teachings of Al Islam to the citizens of Atlantic County and the surrounding areas. We serve our community by providing many needed services such as a Food Pantry, Interfaith activities, Social and Marital counseling, and much more. We hold the five daily prayers in our 10,000 Sq ft facility. In addition, we conduct daily classes in the various Islamic disciplines.

Our educational approach is based on the famous hadith of the angel Jibril which mentions three divisions of our religion: Islam  (Religious Practice), Iman (Religious Faith), and Ihsan (Spiritual Purification). We believe that mastery of these three essential sciences are extremely important toward developing a complete believer and a healthy Islamic community.

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