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Support us in reliving the legacy of our prophets and the call for justice through courage, compassion and fairness.

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On the Path of the Prophets!

In times of great challenges we must look at the example of the best of creation and take from their strength, perseverance and principles.

The Prophet Muhammad and Musa peace be upon them emblemised core values we should all live up to. They are compassion, fairness and courage.

CAGE has been striving to relive their legacy in our work by displaying compassion to the wronged, demanding justice and fairness from the powerful, and to show courage in standing for truth.

CAGE is a truly unique UK based organisation that has come to be the voice for many who have seen the hard end of discriminatory government policies. We serve hundreds of people each year that have been impacted and educate our communities and empower them to stand up and defend their rights.

In a Trump world of Muslim Bans, families torn apart by PREVENT, ongoing mistreatment of prisoners in Guantanamo and rampant anti-Muslim sentiment, it takes not only compassion for the weak, the desire for fairness but also unflinching courage to continue this work.

Support CAGE and relive the legacy of our Prophets for a fairer and more compassionate future.

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Our Story: Challenging the 'war on terror'

CAGE (previously known as CagePrisoners) was set up in October 2003 as a grassroots NGO with the purpose of raising awareness about the plight of the prisoners at Guantanamo Bay and other detainees held as part of the War on Terror. 

Since then, as the War on Terror expanded into the civil space, so did the CAGE remit.

Through our work, CAGE has developed extensive networks with former prisoners, their families, lawyers, activists and the media. Our strengths and experience makes us unique in the way we operate. 

What we do: Defending rights, empowering communities.

  • Work closely with survivors of abuse and mistreatment across the globe, supporting them to access their rights.
  • Carry out cutting edge research, regularly documenting the abuse of due process and the erosion of the rule of law.
  • Provide a voice for survivors of miscarriages of justice, challenging the dominant narrative of suspect communities.
  • Empower communities by educating them about unjust state policies, providing information on their rights and empowering them to stand up against inequality.

CAGE's Director Dr Adnan Siddiqui

How your money will be spent:

1) Research: £35k will go towards supporting our Research functions. We will invest in:

- Research investigations in the field.

- Cutting edge reports and publications.

- Professional production, publication and dissemination of reports.

Our researchers investigate clients cases and document abuses of law around the world to produce cutting edge reports and publications. Our research is extensive and ground-breaking through which has resulted in our work being continually referenced as an evidence base by academics, journalists, human rights organisations and lawyers. We are regularly invited to contribute to intellectual debates and discussions in global conferences, parliamentary meetings and Universities.


Our latest report was the Science of Pre-crime which investigates the psychological studies underpinning the PREVENT policy. This report was supported by over 150 academics in the form of a joint statement published in the Guardian.

2) Investing in the community: £45k is invested back into the community via educational and empowering outreach programs. 

-       Know your rights workshops.

-       National and international campaigns.

-       Providing educational material and content.

-       Delivering lectures and public events.

CAGE are a grassroots organisation that has worked to empower communities through multiple awareness campaigns, lectures, workshops and public events, with the aim of seeking justice and changing attitudes in the process. These events are a crucial way to educate the public on significant issues related to them, and mobilise communities to campaign against injustice and empower them to stand up for their rights.

Our last national tour spanned 7 cities in 6 days and over 1000 people attended.

3) Supporting survivors: £30k is invested in our casework service which comprises:

- Access to our dedicated client helpline.

- Advice and information on legal representation and financial aid.

- Emotional and psychological support.

Casework is at the heart of our work at CAGE, it informs our research, guides our decision making and connects us with the community. 

We ensure that all cases are documented thoroughly which is essential for providing evidence should there be legal proceedings. Often there is a need to campaign to highlight a client’s case and in these cases we deal with each case uniquely in their best interest.

4) Reaching out to new audiences: Media, social media are an essential way of disseminating our message. Therefore £40k is invested into these functions:

-       High quality graphic design and video production.

-       Maintaining and growing our website and online products.

-       Investing in the latest technologies to generate the greatest impact.

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