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As Salaam Alaykum Everyone!

in sha Allah, With YOUR help we will...

Empower Haitian Youth Through Sports

Big smiles. Laughter. Joy. This is what you see on the faces on Haitian children while playing soccer or any game actually. 

You're moved. You want more of that adrenaline rush from their excitement. You want to help make a bigger difference. A long lasting one, in sha Allah. 

This is what happened to me when I volunteered in Haiti 2.5 years ago. Ever since I left there, my goal has been to give Haitian children in the Bigue community a bigger opportunity to do more positive things with their lives in sha Allah. 

More importantly, our goal is to set a good example of positive change in a community in need and to show what Islam truly is all about. 

A group of volunteers from Global Aktivne and Girls Rise up will host a week long,  July 30- August 5, 2016 educational and sports camp in the new gym in sha Allah! The camp will be for 200 children ages 7-15 in sha Allah.

The gym will offer a prayer room where all students will be able to learn more about Islam and in sha Allah pray as well. 

Our aim is to give dawah through pure actions for the sake of Allah. Will you join us in sha Allah?

Indoor Basketball Court- Encouraging teamwork among the youth

Global Aktivne has a vision to build an indoor gym. This long lasting effort will afford the community an after school program for children, focusing on girls in sha Allah. In addition, as the community learns about Islam and in sha Allah the Muslim community grows, Quran and Islamic classes will be held in the prayer room. 

We are teaming up with Girls Rise up for a week long camp in which 200 students will learn about Islam and English 101 course will be given by volunteers. In the afternoon they will be taught the fundamentals of basketball and a tournament will be played throughout the week. 

Building a Safe Environment and Nurturing Positive Growth for Haitian Youth

Statistics do not lie. Well- most anyway. Sports are an effective way for children to focus better in school, stay off the streets or roads in Haiti and have a positive influence on youth in sha Allah. Collectively we want more kids to be focused on positive activities in which they will learn valuable lessons about playing with others, attaining new skills and having fun. Team work, makes the dream work!

Furthermore, girls do not have the same opportunities as boys in majority of places, including in this community.  We want to change this in sha Allah. Our vision is to offer girls an after school sports program in Bigue. 

The principal of the school in Bigue says the children have never had any opportunities such as an after school sports program and he believes this will positively effect their community. This program will offer a safe and engaging place upon the completion of school and will give more work to the local staff in sha Allah. 

Be the change, in sha Allah.

In sha Allah. Be the change. Do something good. Donate a dollar, ten, a hundred. Every penny goes a long way. 

In addition, we are collecting used/new basketball shoes for children. If you would like to donate some please email us at

Share, share, and share this campaign again! Jazak Allah Khair. 

TEAM= Together Everyone Achieves More

Let's get this court funded by the end of Ramadan in sha Allah.

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