Anti-bullying workshop at BHA

Help us bring in Tara Michener, a local expert on anti-bullying and youth speaker, to Beverly Hills Academy

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Tackling Bullying Before it's a Problem

Help us bring Tara Michener, a local expert on anti-bullying and youth speaker, to Beverly Hills Academy and speak to our Muslim children. In today's social media flooded world, youth are easily susceptible to being victims of bullying, and even worse becoming bullies themselves!  

Let's tackle bullying before it becomes a problem.

Tara Michener - Professionals Against Bullying

Tara Michener is the founder and president of Professionals Against Bullying and has been a featured speaker at TEDx Detroit and Flint. She uses her own personal story and struggles with bullying as a child to teach youth about the dangers and harms of bullying, and how to respond effectively if they or their friends are victims of it.  She is a leader of anti-bullying in Michigan and continues to write children's books and speak around the country on the issue.

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