Aneesa Jabeen Bone Marrow Transplant

My Niece need Bone Marrow Transplant in Pakistan and she need Help from All Muslims Brother and Sisters.she needs Help from All as time is running out for her.

Lahore, Punjab Causes

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I want to live but my hopes are dying...

I want to live but my hopes are dying with every day that passes.I can't afford to cry because I fear that if I do then my underprivileged and helpless father might not be able to bear the pain and that my mother's heart will sink. 

Both of my parents can hardly sleep at and night and wake up every day hoping that they will be able to buy LIFE for me.

I can't comprehend how they will be able to manage funds that are needed for the bone marrow transplant of their beloved daughter.

My Sibling's Bone Marrow is Not a Match

This is not a petty amount but a hefty $75,000 that is needed for my bone marrow transplant and especially in circumstances when my sibling's bone marrow is not a match for me.
I am dying because of my disease but my parents are dying because of my condition.

I Want to Live

I have few questions that I ask myself every day
Does a poor man's little girl like me have the right to live too?
Will my dreams die with me?
Will I ever be cured?
Will someone be generous enough to donate funds for my transplant

I want to live and I am appealing for alive people that they hold my hand and take me out of this swamp.

I read somewhere that there are no borders or boundaries to help someone. I am living in Pakistan and I am like your own daughter. Please save your daughter before it's too late.

My medical reports and account details are attached with this appeal along with a picture of myself.
Please look into my eyes and see the hope and light of life.Please don't let this light fade way.

This is the appeal for LIFE from LIFE