1st Hijabi Weightlifter from UAE to Compete at April Olympic Qual.

Support Amna in her training toward the 2016 April Olympic Qualifiers for RIO in Uzbekistan

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From a Journalist to aiming for 2016 Olympics

I am the first Hijabi Olympic Weightlifter from the United Arab Emirates, and I have made history in the athletic field since 2012. I am an athlete, a former full-time journalist and a public motivational speaker. I have pioneered sport ventures in the Muslim world. And today I need your support to take this goal and venture forward!

I started this journey when I was very unhealthy in 2009. I was crazy about junk food, lived a very unhealthy and inactive lifestyle. Then, I began to go to gym every single day and my passion for fitness developed from here. I decided to compete and have done so in local fitness events in the UAE.

Then I stumbled across Crossfit. After just about five months of training, I competed with a team at the Asia Regionals in Korea, where I was the first Hijabi women to EVER compete at that stage worldwide!

As I returned from this mind blowing event, I realized I needed to work on my weightlifting further and since I am better suited for weightlifting sport - here I am today!

Dubai to Ohio

I have moved from the UAE - left everything behind, my family, my comfort zone, the easy life and isolated myself for a year to focus on my dream and bring it to reality.

I am currently training in the United States in preparation to compete at the April Continental Olympic Qualifier in Uzbekistan, April 25-30, 2016.

My biggest achievements 2011 - up to date!

  • 2011: A TedxAjman Speaker, "Emotional Salad"
  • 2012: First Emirati, GCC and Arab woman to compete at the Crossfit Asia Regionals in 2012, and the first woman to compete with the Hijab worldwide at that level
  • 2013: First covered woman to have competed at the Arnold Weightlifting Championship and first GCC national (among both men and woman)
  • 2013: Received sponsorship from PurePharma
  • 2014: Appeared in a Ray-Ban Campaign: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9bEbCRmD8jk
  • 2015: January Issue Appeared in Cosmopolitan USA in an international feature of women breaking barriers: http://www.cosmopolitan.com/career/news/a33844/inspiring-women-chelsea-clinton-no-ceilings/?click=_hpTrnsprtr_47
  • 2015: Won IWF 6 gold medals and 3 silver at the IWF Asian Interclub Championships in Jordan April 23-30, 2015
  • 2015: First Emirati Individual Athlete to be sponsored by NIKE and First Arab to open a Nike 10km Race
  • For more...check my website: http://999fitness.ae/

Equal opportunity:

Woman athletes in general do not get equal opportunity as male athletes do, even more so, Covered Muslim athletes. Our opportunities are limited. There were many cases of women not being able to compete because of the headscarf. I have been fighting for an equal opportunity and support since day one and have come a long way, but supporting me and supporting this cause, you are encouraging more Muslim female athletes to take sports seriously

The Project

The funds will go toward:

  • Covering training expenses until April - include coaching fees, gym membership, programming
  • Supplements and special dietary requirements  
  • Physical therapy/treatment (Chiropractic...etc.)
  • Travel expenses (airfare, hotel, car rental.)

How You Can Help:

Ways YOU can support:

  • By ordering a limited autographed photo for $75 - you cover ONE  PT session
  • By Booking me as a speaker for $5500, you cover my flights and major expenses for my competitions and training.
  • Or you can offer me an in-kind service!
  • Please SHARE my campaign with everyone everywhere!

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