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Islamic Relief Canada


Islamic Relief Canada is committed to breaking the cycle of poverty by ensuring all children receive at least primary education and that adults are taught to read and write. When implementing education programs, we respect cultural restrictions by modifying our support to cultural norms. For example, in Afghanistan women gather in one another’s homes to learn. Additionally, we also run programs that provide nutritious food to schools as an incentive for parents to send their children to school.


Food Security

Islamic Relief Canada implements innovative food solutions all over the world to provide both food security and livelihood support to the most vulnerable populations. For example, we are supplying a solar powered water system and establishing vegetable gardens and tree nurseries, as well as distributing fruit trees in Chad to increase food security and generate a sustainable income for thousands of individuals. In addition to development projects like this one, we also distribute food as part of our emergency relief programs.


Health and Nutrition

Islamic Relief Canada implements a variety of programs related to health and nutrition. We train communities on health practices, provide school meals to malnourished children, supply clinics with medication and equipment, deliver healthcare services through mobile clinics, and provide psychosocial care through counselling. Additionally, the health sector is associated with our WASH programs, food distribution, and livelihood support. For example, we distribute clean water and construct sanitation facilities to reduce illness rates of waterborne diseases, such as cholera and diarrhoeal disease.



Islamic Relief Canada provides interest-free business start-up loans and occupational training to

develop sustainable livelihood options with a focus on widows, orphans, and families who have lost everything in floods or wars. In many of the countries that we work in female-headed households are of particular concern as they face gender discrimination in respect to education, earnings, rights, and economic opportunities.

WASH – Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene

The demand for WASH assistance has increased significantly with rapid population growth, urbanisation, conflict, and frequent natural disasters such as droughts, floods, and cyclones. Whether assistance is for emergency relief or long-term development, water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) is an essential component of humanitarian aid. It encompasses a variety of assistance, such as providing safe drinking water, distributing hygiene kits, and raising awareness about hygienic practices, to name a few.

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