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Raise more on GivingTuesday.

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Prizes, all day long!
From leaderboards to power hours and wildcard giveaways, LaunchGood will be giving away more than $135k+ throughout the day.

1 on 1 advice from LaunchGood's campaign success team.
The LaunchGood team is here to help you plan out your strategy this GivingTuesday so that you can make the most of the big day!

Where Muslims come to donate.
Get access to a global Muslim donor base. Last year, LaunchGood saw over 175k visits on GivingTuesday.

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We’re giving away $135k+ in prizes!

We’re giving you multiple ways to win big on GivingTuesday with LaunchGood.

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Top the most raised or most supporters leaderboards to win prizes up to $25k.

Wildcard Giveaways

We’re drawing 15 campaigns throughout the day to win $300 as long as they reach 30 unique supporters.

Power hours

There will be four power hours where you have the chance to win $2,500!

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Official GivingTuesday partner

In addition to being the world’s largest Muslim crowdfunding platform with nearly 1M users worldwide, we are an official partner with GivingTuesday. Last year, an estimated $2.47B was raised across the globe for GivingTuesday.

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Frequently Asked Questions

GivingTuesday fundraising tips

What is GivingTuesday?
GivingTuesday is an international movement to encourage giving to charities. It started in 2012 on the Tuesday after Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and has grown since then. Last year, over $2 billion was donated on GivingTuesday worldwide.
When is GivingTuesday 2022?
GivingTuesday 2022 will take place on November 29th, 2022 and will run from 12am EST to 11:59pm EST.
What’s so special about GivingTuesday on LaunchGood?
If you fundraise on LaunchGood during GivingTuesday, you have the opportunity to win additional funds from our pool of over $135k in prizes and giveaways. There will be leaderboard contests, wildcard giveaways and power hours! Get in touch with LaunchGood's Campaign Success team today!
How do I win a wildcard giveaway?
Big or small, every campaign qualifies for wildcard giveaways. LaunchGood will randomly select campaigns throughout the day, and as long as your campaign has a minimum of 30 supporters, you'll qualify for a chance to win $300 towards your campaign.
What are the prizes on GivingTuesday?
Leaderboards: Win a spot on one of our leaderboards (either with the most raised funds or most supporters) and you could walk away with up to an additional $25k for your campaign!

Wildcard Giveaways: Have 30 unique people supported your campaign? Great! You'll qualify for a raffle where you have a chance to win an additional $300.

Power Hours: If you're one of the top fundraisers at those times, we'll give you an additional $2,500 towards your campaign.
Why should I set up a call with the LaunchGood team?
Everyone should have the chance to make the most of GivingTuesday. LaunchGood's fundraising experts will be happy to look over your campaign and give you tips on how to succeed and win based on your goals.Click here to get in touch.

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What really stands out for me is the support received from the team during campaigns where they always go above and beyond. I appreciate how innovative the team are to make the process so rewarding yet exciting at the same time!❞

Shabbir Hassan

Using LaunchGood has been a fantastic tool for increasing exposure and raising funds for a few campaigns we have hosted on the platform. The global reach has been the most appealing to us and something unique to LaunchGood. It's been a pleasure to witness its growth over the years.❞

Farjana Aziz
Muslim Hands

We had gained some traction for our campaign among family and friends, but GivingTuesday really helped propel our efforts. The idea that a single dollar donation could indirectly turn into another two thousand being donated helped us convince donors that their contributions would have more of an impact than usual.❞

Abdel-Minem and Jena

GivingTuesday Asia Pacific

Compete during GivingTuesday through the Global or Asia Pacific leaderboards and win big!

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This GivingTuesday, LaunchGood is partnering with Nominal, a Muslim-founded business that creates beautiful pieces of jewelry inspired by Islam and the Arabic language. Every donor who makes a donation on LaunchGood on GivingTuesday will receive a Nominal gift card. Further details will be shared in the donation email receipt.

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