What is LaunchGood?

LaunchGood is a crowdfunding platform to support Muslims doing great things - especially creative and entrepreneurial endeavors. Read more about our vision here.

What is Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is the collective effort of individuals who support a camp by networking and pooling their money to promote an effort.

What's the benefit of Crowdfunding versus traditional methods of fundraising?

In crowdfunding, the crowd always comes before the funds. So the biggest benefit you generate from any crowdfunding campaign (even if you don't reach your goal) is publicity first. For example, one of our first campaigns went viral, and was featured on theHuffPost, The Daily Mail, The Telegraph, and several other reputable news sources


Additionally, crowdfunding allows you to reach and rally together a large group of people in one place who believe in your cause even before you launch. This grassroots support provides the freedom to not be solely dependent on a bank, a grant, or a few supporters. Instead, it shares the risk among many people, putting less financial pressure on a few individuals.
If you are still not sure how crowdfunding can benefit you, email us at info@launchgood.com - feel free to pick our brains! We will help you figure out whether or not crowdfunding is the best fit for you. 

What's the difference between LaunchGood and other crowdfunding sites such as Kickstarter, IndieGoGo, and Gofundme?

  • Vision - We are committed to building a more creative, entrepreneurial and empowered Muslim community. Every campaign on our platform becomes part of creating that vision.
  • Personalized Support - Raising funds can be scary. We provide one-on-one support by coaching you throughout the whole process. From developing your pitch, offering the best perks, to creating a fundraising strategy, our team has coached thousands of campaigns, so we know what it's like to get on the roller coaster ride of a crowdfunding campaign.
  • Supporters Can Cover Fees - On LaunchGood, supporters can choose to cover all fees (platform and credit card) which means more funds go towards the causes you care about. On average, 80% of supporters cover fees to bring the total net fees to 2.5%! 
  • Flexibility - Life happens. You can extend your campaign a few days (especially important if you are doing all-or-nothing funding) or lower your goal if need be.
  • ​Offline Donations Count - We understand that not everyone's online. Sometimes people prefer to hand out a check or some cash. We make it incredibly easy for you to factor in offline donations to your total amount raised. 
  • Momentum Building - There is a unique feature in LaunchGood called Community Pages, where you can set up a page for your organization and each time you have a new campaign it is listed within that page. Check out this example from award winning digital artist Peter Gould.

Aren't KickStarter and similar platforms better because they have larger networks?

The average campaign on those platforms is just one of thousands that hardly gets noticed. Your campaign is just noise, whereas on LaunchGood your campaign can be the signal that stands out. Additionally, we have users ready and eager to support campaigns coming out of the Muslim community. 

Isn't IndieGoGo/Kickstarter/Gofundme better for support when it comes to Non-Muslim audiences?

We are making LaunchGood comfortable enough so that even Lupe Fiasco and his fans could support. We are intentionally creating a safe space where your network and supporters can feel welcome, regardless of their religious beliefs. 

Is LaunchGood Just for Muslims?

Nope! You can be a Non-Muslim doing work that affects or is of interest to the Muslim community, or you can be a Muslim leading a campaign that benefits a Non-Muslim crowd. One great example is by Andrew Kosorok, a Christian artist building bridges by sculpting the 99 names of God in the Islamic tradition! Another example is the Rebuild With Love campaign that involved a group of Muslim organizations raising funds for churches that were targets of arson.
We believe that Muslims have incredible values to share with the rest of the world and LaunchGood is a manifestation of the impact that Muslims can have when they rally together for good. Even though LaunchGood was started by Muslims, our platform supports Muslims launching good across the globe, which is not and should never be limited exclusively to the Muslim community.

How much does it cost?

It’s absolutely free to create a campaign. Once funds are raised, we collect a standard 5% fee on online funds raised. In addition, our credit card processor, Stripe, collects a 3% processing fee on all successful online payments. Supporters also have the option to cover the 8% in fees upon online checkout.

If you don't raise any funds, then we don't collect any either. That's because your success is our success. It's that simple. 

Click here for more information on our fees.

Can I collect money offline?

Yes, for free! In addition to displaying a more accurate amount of funds raised, we encourage adding offline donations so that campaign creators can keep offline supporters updated on the progress of their campaigns

How do campaigns receive funds raised?

There are a few ways campaigns can receive funds raised:

  1. An automated bank transfer for accounts in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia
  2. An automated bank transfer for accounts in other countries
  3. A bank transfer or PayPal transfer upon completion of a campaign

Transfers take 2-5 business days to deliver. For more information, see launchgood.com/transfers.

How do I create a campaign?

It's super easy. You can start now by visiting our Start Your Campaign tab. When you’re done, just click submit!

Can I create a campaign outside of the U.S.?

Yes, but before you do, make sure that your community and network both understand crowdfunding and how it works. Additionally, it's important that your community has an established culture of giving online or else it might be difficult to secure support. 

How long does it take for LaunchGood to review a campaign?

It generally takes our team between 24-48 hours to begin the review process by assigning a Campaign Coach. From there, campaign creators who select the coaching option are asked to set up an appointment with their coach to discuss best practices for crowdfunding. Depending on the amount of campaigns being submitted, the time it takes to review a campaign can vary and may take longer than 48 hours

What does the coaching process entail?

Depending on how much work your campaign might need and whether or not it is time-sensitive, the coaching process can vary between a few days to a few weeks.

  1. The first step is providing feedback via phone or Skype to polish the campaign pitch and form an outreach strategy.

  2. Next, Campaign Coaches send a recap of the call via e-mail that includes a suggested timeframe of when to launch.

  3. Finally, after implementing tips to polish up the pitch and form a campaign strategy, campaign creators can contact their Campaign Coach for official approval. 

While this process might be longer than anticipated and many campaign creators are looking to launch as soon as possible, we highly advise against rushing through the planning phase. We ask that campaign creators work with us in a timely fashion and trust this time-proven method. 

What are the guidelines for creating a campaign?

  1. Campaigns must fall under one of the following categories: Arts, Causes, Education, Fashion, Film & Video, Food, Music, Publishing, Technology, and Other.

  2. Campaigns can’t be polemic, sectarian, fraudulent, or violent in nature.

  3. We do not run any campaigns where the person or entity receiving funds raised is anonymous to the public. If a campaign is related to supporting an individual or family through emergency assistance funds, we ask that the campaign creator display his/her Facebook profile and publicly vouch on behalf of the individuals he/she is crowdfunding for. If possible, we prefer that the campaign creator partner up with a 501c3 charity or mosque where we can deposit the funds. 

  4. We periodically ask that any relief campaigns based abroad are done in collaboration with a United States or UK based verified charity. If you have you questions about whether or not your charity qualifies, send a message to info@launchgood.com.

This is the established standard for transparency and accountability required for us to protect our supporters, safeguarding against any potential cases of fraud.

To read more about our Terms of Use, click here.

How does LaunchGood vet campaigns?

The LaunchGood team reviews every single campaign on site to make sure they follow our general guidelines, and they are transparent and clear (ie. no anonymous campaign organizers).  Although the LaunchGood team reviews campaigns, we cannot verify all the information that Campaign Organizers supply, nor do we guarantee that the Donations will be used in accordance with any fundraising purpose prescribed by a Campaign Organizer or Charity. We assume no responsibility to verify whether the Donations are used in accordance with any applicable laws; such responsibility rests solely with the Campaign Organizer or Charity, as applicable.

You, as a Donor, must make the final determination as to the value and appropriateness of contributing to any Campaign, Campaign Organizer, or Charity. We encourage donors to use their discretion when supporting campaigns.

While we have no obligation to verify that the use of any funds raised is in accordance with applicable law and our Terms of Service, we take possible fraudulent activity and the misuse of funds raised very seriously. If you have reason to believe that a Campaign Organizer or Charity is not raising or using the funds for their stated purpose, please alert our team of this potential issue by sending a message to info@launchgood.com and we will investigate.

Can I edit my campaign after it's been submitted for review?

Yes, you can edit your campaign at any time, including after it's been submitted for review and during the course of your campaign.

Do you offer all-or-nothing funding or partial funding?

Both. All-or-nothing funding is for campaigns that are unable to move forward without the necessary funds, while partial funding is for campaigns that could use every dollar.

What are Community Fundraising Pages?

A community fundraising page is a curated page that makes it easy for team members, supporters, and volunteers to quickly raise funds for your organization or cause. You learn more about them  here and see some cool examples!

Can I create my own Community Page?

All pages have to be approved by the LaunchGood team. Users can contact info@launchgood.com with any inquiries. You’ll hear back within 48 hours! 

How can I get my campaign on a homepage banner?

Please email your coach if you want a homepage banner for your campaign. Please note that LaunchGood charges $250 a week for banners and LaunchGood will create the banner for Campaign Creators. We kindly ask that you give us at least a 24-hour turnaround to have the banner setup and if there is a "rush" and you need it sooner than the 24 hours, it will cost an extra $50.

How does LaunchGood decide on campaigns to promote on the homepage, in the weekly newsletter, and on social media?

Our team decides on a weekly basis which campaigns to highlight and promote. We take a variety of factors into consideration, including the storyline behind campaigns, the overall quality of pitches, and how much supporter traction has been gained. 

Will LaunchGood's community of users support my campaign?

Although we have a growing community of users, campaign creators cannot depend on LaunchGood's community of users for the success of their campaigns. Typically, one must have friends and family invest first in a campaign, which validates it to outside supporters and encourages them to support. If a campaign creator cannot get close friends and family to support, then it might not be a good idea to launch a campaign until it has garnered some initial buy-in.

LaunchGood displays certain campaigns
 in a weekly newsletter and on social media platforms. With that said, LaunchGood has a growing supporter community but it's hard to predict what they ultimately decide to support. Thus, there are no guarantees that certain funds will come from LaunchGood users.

Most importantly, LaunchGood’s value is primarily in coaching you throughout the crowdfunding process and helping you set up your campaign in a way that is appealing and engaging to supporters.

Does LaunchGood provide supporters with tax receipts?

We currently do not send tax receipts to supporters. If a campaign is associated with a non-profit organization, a tax ID will be listed on the campaign page and contributions to such campaigns are tax-deductible. Ultimately, it is the responsibility of the associated non-profit to administer tax receipts to supporters. However, you can always download your list of tax-deductible donations from your user profile. 

Does LaunchGood provide campaign creators with 1099-K tax forms?

Campaign creators in the U.S. who raise more than $20,000 online from more than 200 donors will receive a 1099-K tax form. If campaign funds are sent to a campaign creator through an automatic transfer, he or she will receive the 1099-K from our payment processor, Stripe. Alternatively, if campaign funds are sent through a manual transfer from LaunchGood, he or she will receive a 1099-K from LaunchGood. Please note that receiving a 1099-K will require providing information such as legal name, residential address, and tax identification numbers.

Why can't I support a campaign using PayPal?

We currently don’t offer PayPal as a method for payment because there are certain restrictions concerning the use of PayPal in the crowdfunding industry which can result in freezing users’ PayPal accounts.

Alternatively, supporters can contact campaign creators via email to send funds via PayPal directly to campaign creators, which can then be added as an offline donation for free.

For campaign creators, here are some examples of ways to direct supporters to contribute via PayPal:

  1. Adding a link to external PayPal page

  2. Listing a personal PayPal account

Why is there a credit card processing fee and a platform fee?

The credit card processing fee is set by Stripe, the premier payment processor in the crowdfunding industry. Stripe allows us to process payments more smoothly and pay campaign creators more quickly. While we collect a 5% platform fee to keep our platform sustainable, in part, this allows us to provide campaign creators with free campaign coaching to help them fulfill their crowdfunding goals, which means more funds are raised for more causes.

Do campaign giving levels have to offer any type of perk in return?

Not necessarily. Offering perks in exchange for support is more conducive to pre-sale and entrepreneurial campaigns. But for other types of campaigns, giving levels can be just as effective by highlighting the impact of each contribution. For example, a $10 contribution towards a school can help one student gain access to new materials, a $20 contribution can help two students, etc. 

What happens if campaign creators do not fulfill perks?

We periodically ask campaign creators to make sure they fulfill promises made in their campaigns. Creators are solely responsible for delivering perks and rewards promised to LaunchGooders. Ultimately, it boils down to a relationship of trust between campaign creators and their supporters.

Failure to provide perks to LaunchGooders as promised may result in various penalties including but not limited to; reimbursement to donors of the campaign's expense, suspension of accounts and current and future campaigns by the campaign creator.

If I have more questions, what should I do?

Ask away! Reach out to us at info@launchgood.com. We’d love to hear from LaunchGooders all over the world, whether it’s about a campaign you would like to crowdfund or just sending your salaams! Also check out our LaunchGood Support knowledge base where we have answered dozens more FAQ on a variety of topics!

Are you guys halal?

Yup. We're 100% certified zabiha halal :)

Why does my credit card statement list LaunchGood as a computer store?

Banks generally have limited transaction categories. Because LaunchGood is an online platform, they clump any donations made through our platform under their category of “computer store” or a variation thereof. Don’t fret! This is normal :)