Fundraising Dinners

Bringing Fundraising Dinners to the 21st Century

The Concept

"LaunchGood Live" allows you to bring your fundraising dinner into the 21st century. Our all-in-one platform allows you to turn your fundraising campaign into an online crowdfunding campaign. You will be able to solicit donations from people who are both at the dinner and those who aren't.

Since the donations are collected online, the whole process is fast, easy, and secure for people to donate straight from their phone. Our advanced back-end administrator system gives you the tools to track all of the pledges, whether they are from checks, cash, or credit cards.


LaunchGood Fundraising Benefits
1. Extend fundraising beyond the room. 
Since the fundraising occurs online, people donate from anywhere, even if they're not at the dinner. LaunchGood fundraising efforts have resulted in an average of $3,000 extra dollars raised per dinner in comparison to a traditional fundraising dinner. 

2. Collect credit cards instantly. 
Our efforts allow donors with credit cards to donate money to their desired campaign directly through their smart phone. At one of our fundraising dinners 70% of the people donated money using their credit cards! 

3. Quickly & Easily log all checks, pledges and cash. 
Using one input screen, LaunchGood allows you to keep track of all the money and pledges in one convenient place. 
4. Convert pledges to dollars. 
As you know, one of the really challenging aspects of fundraising dinners is converting all the pledges into dollars. With our system, you can easily keep track of all the pledges, giving you a more convenient way of following up with donors. 

How it Works 

The most frustrating experience organizers have during and post fundraising dinners is collecting, organizing, and following up on pledges. LaunchGood allows you to create a campaign page and use it for entering pledges during the dinner for a convenient follow-up after  dinner. 

The campaign is on the live screen, and a team of volunteers would enter the pledges. The more you raise, the more the donor amount and funds raised increases which encourages others to support.

At the end of the night, LaunchGood collects a list of names, emails and donor information about all of your pledges. This list is digitized for easy export and follow up. You can even leave notes about specific pledges and send updates to all donors.


There is only a 5% service fee on funds raised online for LaunchGood campaigns, and almost always donors end up covering that fee completely - meaning LaunchGood is essentially free for your dinner! There is the unavoidable 3% credit card processing fee as well for online donations, and no charges whatsoever on offline funds raised. 


Joohi Tahir
Exec. Director of Muhsen

Tarbiyah Academy
Saleem Farooqui


LaunchGood Deliverables

LaunchGood will provide you with all of the following services to make your fundraising effort easy and seamless:
  1. We will work with you to polish up your campaign on our website
  2. We will create the community page on LaunchGood for the host organization
  3. You'll have a custom link to your campaign on LaunchGood (e.g. - which makes it faster/easier to share with friends)
  4. We will create custom-made pledge forms for sepcific needs. For an example, click here
  5. You'll have your campaign featured first on the LaunchGood homepage slider on the day of the fundraising dinner 
  6. LaunchGood will work with your interns, volunteers, and community leaders involved with the fundraising dinner on the day of the event. We will train your volunteers around managing the back-end of our live fundraising platform 
  7. We will ensure that all donors receive an immediate receipt for their donation on the day of the event
  8. LaunchGood will offer coaching support for campaign creation and post dinner follow up

Community Deliverables

You will provide us with all of the following services to make sure that your fundraising effort is easy and seamless:
  1. Start campaign page on LG
  2. Make sure that all logistical needs are met
  3. Execute the fundraising during dinner
  4. Get volunteers to collect pledges during the dinner and work with LaunchGood to input them into the campaign page
  5. Follow up with the pledges after the dinner and work with LaunchGood to convert them into donations